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lions are dome

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  • lions are dome

    we where going to give them our first, second, an third, and first next year, how stupid are they, the could of filled holes, but they declined, they should of took our deal, but they diddnt

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    you should have used spell check, but you didn't.


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      I think you're just mad we didn't get CJ. =p

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        you know what you are dome. kidding.. but imagine cj on the turf how fast he would be, because thats what they have inside dumbs, cuz grass wont grow.

        but i agree, they are stupid to nat pull the trigger on that one
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          Yeh.... the Lions are the dome ones alright...

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              That was a dumb move for them to decline, but we would have looked even dumber if the deal had gone through, throwing all those picks away for a rookie. Even if CJ was a beast in college there's no telling how well he would do in the NFL. Now if we were trading those picks for a veteran player who has proven himself in the NFL then trading all those picks would be worth it, but to trade all that away for a rookie is beyond ignorant. That's my take on it, I just think even a rookie of CJ's standards isn't worth the entire years draft.
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