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Rookie LB or Vet?

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  • Rookie LB or Vet?

    So I just wanted to see what your opinions are on our LB situation. Will we just stick with a vet or will we eventually pick up an UDFA like Nate Harris? Or will we sign a rookie for depth anyways?

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    Camoran Vaughn


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      nah im sure bates doesnt want to deal with a rook when he has a good started in webster
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        I think we should definitely sign harris for a lil bit of depth. Guy can make plays.


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          I wouldn't want to deal with a rook with a good starter in Webster either...

          unfortunately, since he looked lost trying to sub for Al at the end of last year, I don't think that's really what we've got. 237 seems a bit light for MLB to me, but even if D.J. can play in the middle and Webster can back him up the closest we have to a proven starter at SLB is Holdman and then a lot of maybes. If we're going to have to risk playing part of the season with Webster at MLB I'd like to have someone I can trust like D.J. at SLB, so I'd really like a solid known SLB at the very least. Everyone seems really high on Harris, so if we don't try to get Randall Godfrey or Dhani Jones (which would be my preference) for a year or two that would be my minimum. Fact is, even if D.J. can be our MLB going forward we can't really have too many guys fighting for his old spot since we don't know who's going to fill it. Even with that addressed I want someone reliable backing up D.J. and [insert SLB here]. It's the only part of the team with which I'm really uncomfortable; good MLBs are hard to find, Pro Bowlers like Al are VERY hard to replace, and the MLB is key to the 4-3.
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