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Miami cuts QB Marcus Vick

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    Originally posted by TheWookieeBronco
    What's the difference between Marcus Vick and a drug dealer?

    The drug dealer has more skill.

    ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo snap

    cp to u

    RIP Darrent It's been one year, Gone but never Forgotten.

    I Adopted JayCutler4MVP!!! and DJ Williams


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      Don't want him here. We have enough people with character questions already. I am hopeful that their issues are all in the past, but I'll pass on Vick.


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        This whole family is full of criminals and the only reason we don't hear more than we do about ole' "Mike" Vick is he has the money to keep a lot quiet and un-reported. That being said this fool is still all over the news all the time for SOMETHING. His brother is no different, can you even imagine if he got ahold of some real money? I mean the kind of money that is hard to get rid of in one year unless your just flat out blowing it and being stupid.

        Hell no, let this guy call Maurice Clarette and they can start a new MULTI LEVEL MARKETING business. Just a bottle of the "Goose" and a dope ass Pit Bull to get you started. Find three people and mulitply and we bring down the NFL. Were gonna be riiiiiiich bieeeeeatch.
        "I'm your Huckelberry"