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We sure do need another DT...

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    Originally posted by broncsx3
    Yes, I realized I misread it right away and fixed my post before you posted again. Sorry about that. And haha

    Seriously though, you + are = you're

    Yo mama!


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      Last year we had no depth behind him.

      Originally posted by CasualFan
      I think it was Shanahan who some years ago said that you can't have enough defensive linemen. Whether Thomas pans out or not, it wouldn't hurt to get some more DTs. Last season Warren had to play hurt for much of it, and I think that says something about the quality of the depth we have behind him.
      And it showed. I still contend that was the biggest problem with our pass rush, which is why I would've gone with two DTs as my top picks, but the consensus seemed to be this draft was loaded with DE talent and Bates scheme needed to take advantage of that, so here we are. I'm optimistic about Thomas and McKinley, but I would like to see a fourth DT we could trust (and I don't think Veal is it).

      On the other hand, we are going to have a different defensive philosophy this year, so it's impossible to say at this point who will fit how well. Thomas hasn't played a down in the NFL. Burton's not played much more. Veal's played a few I wish he hadn't, though the phantom defensive holding call that lost the game with Indy was totally bogus. All of that said, there aren't many guys out there to whom the same uncertainty doesn't apply; everyone we know would do well in any kind of system is pretty much locked up because solid defensive anchors don't grow on trees.

      I have lingering concerns, because DTs aren't interchangeable, but I think we're in decent, if not great, shape. I wouldn't mind seeing another quality player in camp, but feel comfortable with Warren, Thomas, McKinley and the best of the remainder. LBs; I'm all about the LBs right now....


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        Originally posted by TXBRONC
        I thought we were just having a discussion? I'm not upset and I wasn't trying to be rude.
        We are having a discussion. And NO I don't think you were being rude. I wasn't trying to be rude either.

        If it appeared that way, I appologize.


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          Originally posted by Cugel
          We are having a discussion. And NO I don't think you were being rude. I wasn't trying to be rude either.

          If it appeared that way, I apologize.
          I didn't think you were being rude either, so we are good to go.
          John 11: 25-27

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          Thanks Snk16


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            how about we just sign Gilbert Brown? LMAO!
            11/6/11 - The day the Oakland Raiders got raptured!


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              Originally posted by Cugel
              Boy you people can be hyper-sensitive!

              Who you calling "you people"?

              "It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate,
              tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of

              -- Samuel Adams

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