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    Originally posted by Cugel
    NEVER use that Raiders quote on this site!

    The Broncos are really set at almost every position. There are question marks at S and at SLB, but Shanahan has his plan and we'll see if it works.

    Right now he's counting on Lynch playing strong, and Ferguson and Brandon coming back from injuries providing depth at S. And he's counting on one of his LBs stepping up to claim the SLB position while he moves D.J. Williams over to MLB.

    He could use a backup LB for Ian Gold at some point, but that's down the road.

    Next year the Broncos will need another DT to line up to replace Warren who won't be here forever, and Ekuban will be gone via FA, so they'll need another DE for additional depth.
    TROOF! I can't wait to see DJ play the middle. We have had so much emphasis on LB's for the last few years, now let's see how emphasis on DL pays off down the road. You'll be missed Al


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      Originally posted by OKBroncoBoy
      As they get ready for next season, I was just wondering what the consensus is for any reamining moves. Will they go after anyone else in particular or try and address a certain postion further? Thoughts...

      for the answer you want in my eyes we need a safty and another great WR...
      but for my answer it is run throught he playoffs and win the big game...


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        The only thing left for the Broncos to do is beat the Colts and win the Super Bowl!


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          i think the broncos are pretty well set. we got everything we need. a new, young talented safety would definetly help, but Lynch is still delivering knockout blows, and nick ferguson can at least hold his own. besides, with dre bly and champ bailey, they wont have to worry so much about their coverages. warrick holdman and d.d. lewis were signed and add to depth to the LB position, so i think they will find someone who can take the SB and play prty good.


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            They don't add to depth is the problem.

            We didn't have depth, and beside them all we really have is a bunch of first and second year UDFAs. Webster probably stays backing D.J. because he's the only guy we've got with Pro MLB experience if D.J. (heaven forbid) gets hurt. So we probably see Holdman backed by Lewis. I'd much rather see Godfrey backed by Lewis, or Godfrey backed by Webster and D.J. stays where he is. He's a quality player who went from 4-3 OLB to 3-4 ILB, so could play SLB or possibly MLB while D.J. stays put.

            He's near the end of his career, but hasn't missed many games (unlike some alternatives I've seen suggested) which would actually be ideal with the demands Bates is expected to an already demanding MLB spot. He can't demand a big contract so close to retirement, but can fill a critical hole on our way to a SB, while giving us time to draft and prepare an inexpensive long term investment to start when he retires. Meanwhile he gets a decent if not earth shattering contract for a few years and a chance for Ring or two to cap his career. Everyone wins. Except the Bolts, who released their two starting ILBs for reasons known only to them.

            I'm still not really thrilled with how Webster performed when Al got hurt last year (and if the FO was D.J. wouldn't be moving... ) but he will be our second best MLB if we don't sign someone, and we need depth at that critical position on the D. I'd trade Lewis for Godfrey in a heartbeat though, and hope we can keep Vaughn to develop; if he's got the speed and smarts he could be a great MLB in a few years at 6-4 (a full 3" taller than any of our other LBs, but about the same weight as D.J., Holdman and Lewis).

            We need a quality DT who can rotate in to anchor the line when Warren needs to rest so he doesn't get banged up like last year, and we need a SLB (though Holdman may be able to do that well; I'm actually as worried about MLB depth). Other than that I think we're in good shape. If we've got cap space and someone doesn't outbid us I'd be on the phone to Randall Godfrey.