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    Originally posted by DiehardinAlaska
    walker - sure

    marshall - hopefully [I remember how much I looked forward to Watts' & Lelie's 2nd and 3rd years too]

    hixon - wow.
    Did you see him play against bigger schools? Did you see his bowl games or all-star exhibition games (like the senior bowl etc...)?

    The reason I ask is because I didn't so I have no idea what his upside is. I believe we can certainly put him in positions to make plays. We're good at that. But has anyone actually seen him make plays, especially as a WR. I can't remember the exact quote but I was sure we picked him for his return experience.
    I've been of the understanding that at this time Hixon is being seen primarily as return specialist. Maybe he will develop into solid receiver but I think he has alot work ahead of him.
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      My thoughts on Rogers:

      (By the way, I have no freaking idea what that face is, but it's the only picture I could find online that said "Hell no.")

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        Yo homies we shoulda just bumped the other 5 Charles Rogers threads.


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          Charles had Potential but HELL NO he is a freaking Lowlife, how do you give up a chance in the NFL for Drugs..


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            Originally posted by TheChampion
            you have a link on the 4.8 40?

            that's ridiculous
            Here you go
            You've got to know when to sack em...


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              Originally posted by pipes


              You're right....4.8 IS ridiculous!

              There are more!......would you like more?

              "Smoking himself slow" as the article say's. That's classic!

              I wish I knew how to do links cause Rogers looks just like Smokie from Friday.

              "You know how we do it"


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                4.8 is flat out horrible.

                I don't play any sports except for fun but I guarantee I run faster than that. I'm pretty sure I would run in the 4.6 to 4.7 range.
                "And we all know that stats don't mean anything if you don't have the wins to back them up"-ChampWJ

                It's a good thing Jay Cutler was a proven winner in college. Oh wait, nevermind.