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Are you happy with the Broncos draft?

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  • Are you happy with the Broncos draft?

    Now that we have had a couple of weeks to digest the selections made, and read about the players, are you happy with the Broncos pics?

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    Originally posted by sneakers
    Now that we have had a couple of weeks to digest the selections made, and read about the players, are you happy with the Broncos pics?


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      Originally posted by sneakers
      Now that we have had a couple of weeks to digest the selections made, and read about the players, are you happy with the Broncos pics?
      Absolutely yes.
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        Not sure.

        I still think we needed DTs more than ends; as someone else said in another thread, DTs tend to get lumped with "line", but while I felt DT was a big need for us last year (Warren was the only decent one we had, which meant it was all on him and he got banged up meeting the challenge) it seemed like 95% of the people who wanted us to draft "defensive line" meant they wanted great pass rushers off the end. Stick Reggie White and Bruce Smith on the field and if the offense doesn't have to block the middle it just means they've got two guys for every end. So I'm happy to some extent, but I thought Ekuban, Dumervil and Lang were quality ends and we just added two more with our first two picks. That's too many, especially when all we have in the middle is Warren, McKinley and a hope Thomas can stay out of trouble AND live up to his billing.

        Worse, I'm not sure Thomas or McKinley can back up Warren, and someone needs to or we're back to asking the defensive anchor to be the only lineman we don't rotate. Or Veal to go in and get pushed around like he did last year. Maybe Burton or Gordon can step up and fill that role, or Steven Harris, but most of those guys seem a little light for that job. I wanted us to spend our top two picks shotgunning for a DT; instead we went after two very different DEs before finally getting a DT with some question marks. Hopefully Thomas leaves all the teams who passed in the first two rounds red faced, but depth still looks like an issue there, especially at Warrens spot.

        LB wasn't addressed at all in the draft, which is about the only place I'd look for a starting MLB unless you wanna pay through the nose for a lot of years. The front office seems big on Holdman, and I'm hopeful he and Lewis between them can give us experienced and quality starting and backup SLBs. If D.J. gets hurt playing a very demanding MLB spot though all we have behind him with the experience to QB the D is Webster, and I didn't like how he looked subbing for Al last year.

        So I'm happy, but not as happy as I'd like; if I had to give it a grade I'd probably give the draft a C- and the off season a B+. We got some good talent and did ultimately address the glaring problem at DT. But that and MLB were my biggest concerns, and there we only went for one top tier talent, who comes with some uncertainty, plus UDFAs and guys who were only average on their pro teams, only one or two of whom look to have any hope of being adequate backing for D.J. The good news is I really feel we're pretty solid everywhere else and in good shape for a run right now, not just in a few years. Most folks seem to be most concerned about OT and safety; Pears and Lepsis should be solid tackles and Meadows can back either until we can develop Harris and whoever ends up behind Pears, while Brandon and Abdullah look like they'll be a good pair of starting safeties in a few years (Brandon is good now).


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          I give this years draft a grade of B+.
          We were able to address a pressing need of pass rusher (or at least we hope we did.)

          However we did ignore Safety and offensive line, which we could definitely use some depth at.
          I still think we have a hell of a shot at seeing New England in the AFC Championship Game. And yes, we own them.

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            I almost voted no just so that column wasn't a big goose egg, but then remembered that sig of Shanny painting that great work of art in which he points himself out in the painting & the scoreboard reads Broncos "way ahead" & Raiders "negative points"

            That painting(sig) makes me laugh every time. I just couldn't end a good thing on a whim of my own fancy.

            To get back on topic: I thought this draft ranks right up there w/ the a couple years ago when all the DB's were taken (see the thread that takes you down memory lane on the reaction to just Darrent getting picked). A lot of speculation & unknowns then, same as now. The only thing making this draft better than that one is that the needs were actually a HUGE way!
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              Good draft by Mike, Ted, and staff.
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                One word:



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                  Denver went after what they needed. What more do people want? But we won't know until those guys start playing on the field. They could be the best or a bust.