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    Originally posted by denverfaninAR
    hey do you guys know of anybody interested in Trusty.

    Canada? *shrugs*


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      Originally posted by TXBRONC
      Trusty was on IR so he wasn't on the roster.

      By the time it is all said and done I think we'll have four tight ends. Obviously Graham and Scheffler and think the other two will be Leach and Jackson. Leach will make it because he's the long snapper and I think Jackson will because he not a bad receiver.
      Maybe Scheffler is a better blocker than the impression I've been getting. If not, then
      I could see the Broncos hanging onto Alexander or Mustard because of that. If all
      who remain, besides Graham, are Scheffler, Jackson, and Leach, and Scheffler still is
      learning how to block on an NFL level, then we'll be hurting for blocking when it
      comes to two-tight-end short yardage and goal line situations.

      Leach will be retained for STs, of course. So that leaves one spot after Graham and
      Scheffler are kept. Of all the TEs, I am the biggest fan of Jackson's . . . but he's gone,
      I'm afraid. He's not as talented a receiver as Scheffler, and he's not a terrific blocker.
      Mustard is a terrific blocker, but little to nothing is said about his receiving capabilities.
      That leaves Alexander, who is not as good a blocker as Mustard, but far better
      than Jackson, and has some receiving capabilities.

      So I look for a lineup of Graham, Scheffler, Alexander, and Leach.




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        Wow, who the hell is bumping threads around here?

        I just noticed the age of the post to which I responded.



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          Graham, Scheffler, Alexander and Leach. Maybe Mustard as a fifth, but I'd be surprised.


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            Originally posted by Ncfootball
            From KFFL-

            Broncos | Trusty waived
            Mon, 14 May 2007 16:13:07 -0700

            The Denver Broncos have announced they have waived TE Landon Trusty.

            Maybe this year we won't go into the season with so many TEs!
            I know, we have far too many.
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