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Let's get Herndon back (merged)

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  • Let's get Herndon back (merged)

    He was always better than lenny walls and now we can get him back for more depth. It's not like he's going to start, but he could be a good 4th cb and special teamer.

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    In case anyone wonders what he is talking about:


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      He'll command more money than a 4th stringer.

      We're fine.

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        Though I'd like to get him back I don't see why we need him. We're set at CB
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          He's going to want to get paid starting CB money, and some team out there like the Falcons could pay him that.


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            Cornerback is probably the position with the most proven quality depth and biggest payroll on the entire Bronco defense. IMO we don't need more unless there is an injury.

            If a two gap tackle should show up on the radar, I would be all for picking one of those up. I would consider a LB or a cover safety a wise choice but a corner- no thanks.


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              id love to have him but he is gonna want serious cash and i dont want to give him that but i font know about all of you

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                I was jus tgoing to post this and then saw it here!! I wish we could get him back, you know how everyone has their underdog Broncos players they luv? Mine was Kelly-ball, I liked watching him in Seattle, my only con to this is that he is 31 now and I thought he was still in his late 20's but if he wanted to come back to D-town and play Nickel...we could do it...he was a very solid corner, never got burnt a lot like others did when our D was bad...I'm keeping my fingers crossed


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                  Why did I have such a strong feeling that one of these threads would pop up?

                  Why oh why?

                  How often do we stack up against 4 WR sets?

                  How often!?!?!

                  Herndon would NEVER be used


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                    Lets sign him and put him at safety. I did it on madden and it worked really well . JK.

                    Nah, lets not sign him. He was giving up way to many big plays last year before he got hurt. He did get hurt right???


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                      How about we sign Sam Adams... you know... someone with an impact?

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                        I'm not certain he could beat out Paymah. We have no need for a CB.

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                          I think we have pretty good depth at CB right now.

                          So it doesnt look like we need Herndon back.


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                            No thank you. Herndon might have been better than Walls (although I disagree) but I don't think he's better than Foxworth and I believe Paymah has more upside.
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                              Originally posted by evendelae
                              I'm not certain he could beat out Paymah. We have no need for a CB.

                              yaa thats what i was thinking....paymah is a very good 4cb....kelly would only be a 5th and i dont think he wants to be used as a 5th, but who knows.