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I know he's old but.....

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    HE will be ok but he is not as good as lynch
    ZAC Miller


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      Originally posted by Dream
      Griffith does more for this team to win now than guys like Abdullah.

      However, filling the "void" at safety isn't going to get done by adding 30+ year old veterans. We need youth, and it's unfortunate this next year's draft class is pathetic at the position.

      Troy Polamalu is really the only option out there for next off-season we could even consider, but I doubt he leaves Pittsburgh.

      Heck, maybe we'll draft three safeties like we did lineman this year, one's bound to work out.
      I hear bob sanders might be a FA next year. with freeny asking to be paid the most money of any player on d it might make it tough for indy to sign bob and dallas who are both at this time set to be FA's
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