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    The question in my mind is can we afford him, because right now we only have two sure starters, whereas I think we need at least four (two starting MLBs with one playing SLB, and a good SLB if the second MLB has to come over after an injury). Unfortunately, it seems pretty clear we can't afford him. See sig for a LB who can (and has) played ILB and OLB, is bigger than anyone we've got, a durable quality player and a lot less expensive than Arrington or Briggs. Plus I wouldn't mind picking the Chargers pocket and making them wish they kept the guy playing for us instead of promoting his backup.


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      Originally posted by BarkdogRX7
      NO offense kid but you're stepping into grown men's yards with lil kid ballz lol, you just have to do a lil more homework and think out these threads b4 u post em, life isn't as simple as OVER RIDING the Madden trade clauses...real life has salaries, years left, age factors, roster spots, a whole slew of crap that Madden has an "On/Off" option for lol, just giving ya fair warning...hate to see ya get flamed anymore

      MY two cents? Like it's been said, we are currently giving Ian GOld way too much money and we had to Cut our best LB in Wilson just to keep our FA's this year, it's a sad crappy business but we can't keep em all...

      I wonder if John Mobley and Al Wilson are going to hang out more now lol...maybe Mobley is healthy now-a-days?
      NO offense kid but Ian Gold is a good linebacker he just didnt have a line in front of him to protect him from mammoth lineman road gradeing over him. given a little help you should see a large differance in his production this year.

      and no we didnt have to cut him to keep our free agents we cut him becuase he couldnt play. due to a most likely career injury

      whats up with the last comments.
      The fool who fancies he is full of wisdom
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