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    Originally posted by DevilSpawn View Post
    This is the draft pic I was most excited about since Charles Woodson. I thought we got a steal.

    His biggest problem, and it is a MAJOR one, is that he is very delicate. Incredibly injury prone and as a result, plays with that thought in the back of his mind. Potential to be a hard hitter, but only does it when he is not at risk. That does not make for a hard hitter.

    He is also a tweener. Not fast enough to be a safety, not enough linebacker skills to be a star at that level, if solid. But I thought he would've been a good linebacker and an even better safety.

    Whoever gets him will have a big project on their hands. He will be a guy who can make about 1-2 big plays a game, and 1-2 big misses a game.

    But with all that said, I don't like the move of waiving him. We're loaded at safety, so I guess he didn't even make the 4th slot. That could either mean we have some good safeties or his injury is holding him back.

    I'll be watching his career very closely. Good luck to him.
    Nice Post! And from a faider fan too! Wow! Impressive! I like it!
    Yeah you hit it on the head. INJURY PRONE. i dont think he had one season at USC without a injury of some kind. He was ALWAYS injured.
    He always had some nagging problem that was going to limit his play or make him questionable for the big game. But because he played for 1 of the best teams in the nation, he had the luxury of being injury prone, and still bei considered a good player. Until now. Theres no where to hide in the NFL.
    If your a player and you have an issue physically, they will find it and eventually your ass is out the door.


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      Well, we could always use more depth. I wouldn't mind him over here. And that draft summary seemed pretty high on him.


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        For any of you that want this guy. big mistake IMHO. Just MHO though.
        Cox and Abdullah have waaay more upside than this guy as does Wesley. Any of you that would rather have this guy over Wesley are high on crack.
        Wesley has some seriously astounding stats and NEVER has been injured. Plus he has played at NFL level for quite some time. I am not a fan of Wesley, but compared to Bing, there is no comparision.
        Bing is a useless waste of a roster spot, and to be quite honest would not even make the roster most likely!
        Also, the fade aquired Daruis recently. He is coming off of major surgery the last 2 years and they still took him and quickly dropped Bing.
        not worth it.


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          I saw him play games at SC and I always thought the guy was a stud. This guy WAS a play maker. Is he healthy? He must be since he didn't play last year. I have not heard much about Wesley except around here. Why not give the guy a shot since it looks like Brandon is gone for the year?


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            I really hope we sign this guy. At the least he seems like a great ST player and a future safety prospect. I see no reason not to sign this guy.


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              Man i didnt even know i smoked crack! thanks guys for bringing me out of my drug induced haze.
              The fool who fancies he is full of wisdom
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              Quickly finds when questioned by others .
              That he knows nothing at all.


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                Originally posted by 3 Times BABY! View Post
                Because were loaded at safety, (and hes too slow to play safety anyway)
                and hes still too small to play OLB.

                With some work he could be good. But we just dont need him.

                he may be a perfect fit for big nickel to cover the TEs maybe??


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                  Breathe a sigh of relief non-Bingers, he's a Niner now.



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                    Originally posted by DevilSpawn View Post
                    Breathe a sigh of relief non-Bingers, he's a Niner now.

                    Those Niners are gonna be OWNING the NFC for a freakin decade.. Patrick Willis, being coached by Mike Singletary...scary


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                      Originally posted by DevilSpawn View Post
                      Breathe a sigh of relief non-Bingers, he's a Niner now.

                      So you couldn't just add that to this already-made thread?

                      You must like giving the mods MORE work to do....
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                      sigpicJacks RULE!!!!!!


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                        I hope that Abdula or Rogers step it up and shine during training camp. I would much rather see these guys excell verses bringing some new blood in. I'm sure they have learned from watching and listening to Lynch, having his tootership is probably the best thing for them.


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                          Originally posted by rcsodak View Post
                          So you couldn't just add that to this already-made thread?

                          Ummm... he did.