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So, do we need anything from Atlanta?

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    Originally posted by BroncoMan04 View Post
    I wouldn't trade for Jimmy Williams... and why would we get him to play FS, does John Lynch not ring a bell? plus he obviously has some off the field issues he is dealing with, why get a potential problem? As for Dante Culpepper..HAHHAHA thats the biggest joke I've heard. Why would we get him? Just to have Jay looking over his shoulder wondering if he does something wrong we will put Culpepper in!! No way. We need a decent BACK-UP not a guy who thinks he can start. That would only cause problems for the progression of Culter. we don't need Jimmy Williams or Dante Culpepper. Plus the Falcons are looking for someone they think is better then Harrington not another career back-up guy. So there is no reason to try and make a trade for a gy that's going to be suspended.
    Obviously the whole "sarcasm on" thing went right over your head.....
    Thats ok i have no ploblem with you ranting about my ludicrious proposal!
    Even if we did do this trade, which is never going to happen, (as i siad before)of course culpepper would know he isnt going to start( he sucks to me anyways)
    and Lynch would be much better as a SS at this point in his career. Williams would be the FS.
    Some of you new guys may want to keep an eye out for posts where some of us bored posters put up ludicrious trades or proposals.+
    Not alot goin on,so we make $**t up just to pass the time at work


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      Originally posted by HORSEPOWER 56 View Post
      Mike Bell is likely a career backup in Denver, but with Dunn out and Norwood starting, that's exactly what the Falcons need - a reliable backup for Norwood. I was trying to point out that our trash is always someone else's treasure when it comes to RBs. Look at guys like Reuben Droughns, Olandis Gary, Mike Anderson, etc. These guys are always sought after when they leave us but before hand, nobody wants them (like Mike Bell).

      As it stands now with several true FBs on the team, I'm betting Cecil the Diesel is going to run #2 this year, not Mike. Selvin Young or Andre Hall can be the #3. Bell is great to have around, but even if we got a 6th round pick for him that's still way more than we spent on him (which was nothing). He's that house that nobody wanted to buy but after a little "Bronco fixer upper" by learning from Bobby Turner I'm betting he'd look pretty good to a few buyers.
      The three guys you mentioned also had 1,000 yard seasons under their belts which goes along way stirring interest.

      You're assuming that Sapp, Hall and Young will all be better running backs than M. Bell but I'm not convinced that's necessarily the case. Sapp has been with team for several year and in his first season or two he was on the practice squad and then he was moved to fullback. Young like Bell was a undrafted rookie free agent, and he also had a lot problems staying healthy from what I've heard. Hall is a castoff from another team so I don't know much about him or just how he would fit into this offense.
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        lets trade travis henry for mike vick!!!


        Go Broncos