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Marshall, Scheffler and Smith begin camp on PUP list

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    Stick a fork in Moore. I expect to see Rod on the PUP at the beginning of the season, but that may be a stupid expectation since Rod has only ever proven people wrong in his career. Marshall and Scheffler will be playing in a few weeks at most, I'm not worried about them.


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      What does this mean? Can they come off whenever? Are there a limit of players allowed in camp? Are these players more hurt than we thought? I need more info on this
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        Originally posted by AndrewMason View Post
        Webster isn't the fastest from my eyes, but he is the quickest, if that makes any sense. He also brings a certain infectious enthusiasm to the huddle ... the fastest as far as getting from point A to point B among the 'backers not named Gold or Williams might be Cameron Vaughn, who was on the practice squad last year.
        Andrew, you definitely saw the writing on the wall with Moore...

        Did you get any indication from Bates that they were planning on cutting him??

        What do you make of this "committment to one another" once his knee is healthy... Is that just to make him feel better because they sent him packing?