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Cecil Lammey's training camp report Day 1

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  • Cecil Lammey's training camp report Day 1

    Cecil Lammey is a staff member at and he regularly goes to the Broncos training camp. Here is what he had to say


    I love this time of year, and training camp is a sign that football is just around the corner. The weather was sunny out here in Colorado and the future looks bright for the 2007 Denver Broncos. I was able to go with Big Sean Baca (from Next Level Scouting) and we had a great time watching the Broncos on the first day. I ran into several friends including Chris Prusse, Bill Williamson, Jeff Legwold, Renaud Notaro, Mike Rice, etc. It’s always fun to talk football with these guys. Here’s my day one observations:

    The rookies are called up to the front during warmups to do a little dance before the proceedings begin. Marcus Thomas came out doing a running cartwheel and a backflip. It was simply amazing to see a man that size do that! More on Thomas later, as he had a very good first day. Here’s what coach Shanahan had to say about MT’s warmup tradition: “I actually saw it in college once and when he did his workouts for the pro scouts. A lot of his coaches were there. During that time, he started his workouts doing that so I had kind of anticipated it. Most of our players never see that, so they are a little bit surprised. He did a round off and a back flip, not many guys can do that at 325 pounds.”

    Jay Cutler looked calm, cool, and collected out there. I liked the zip that he had on his passes, and he has the ultimate confidence in his arm. He was placing the ball in just the right spot for his receivers to snag the football. He also placed the ball so that the defense could not get to it. There was one play, from their own 40 yard line where Cutler did a 5 step drop and slung it down the field to David Kircus who was running a post. When he released the ball I thought to myself “he shouldn’t have thrown that” as it was into coverage with safety help over the top. The pass dropped right into Kircus, and David skied to get the ball above the 2 defenders for six. That touchdown pass (60 yards in the air) had me shaking my head. This kid is amazing, and I love how he looks more comfortable with this offense. The bootleg is back and Cutler had the defense biting on that a couple of times. He looks good running the boot, so watch the Broncos throw that play in when teams least expect it.

    Patrick Ramsey did not impress me today. He’s okay, but barely. His passes looked good, but too often he was off the mark or behind his receivers. It didn’t help that he held onto the ball too long either. And when the play broke down he “tried” to scramble, but Vince Young he is not.

    Darrell Hackney looks like a mini-Donovan McNabb. Except that he’s not that good of a QB. He’s a scrambler – very athletic, and his arm is an absolute CANNON. His accuracy leaves a lot to be desired, however the buzz around him was pretty good, and the Broncos could keep him as their 3rd QB – or put him on the PS for some seasoning.

    Preston Parsons is a good guy, but just a camp arm. No more, no less.

    Travis Henry showed why he will be a PERFECT fit in this system. He showed tremendous cutback ability and several times made the key moves that had defenders out of position. DJ Williams even got yelled at twice in a row for being out of position. Henry looked good catching the ball as well, which kind of surprised me. I knew he didn’t have hands of stone, but he was catching the ball very naturally. He had a good quick initial burst and followed through nicely on all of his runs. I did however see him look winded after some plays. Perhaps he’s getting used to the altitude, here’s what Henry had to say after practice: “I feel like I am in the best shape of my career. I’m healthy, and I feel like this team is special. We are here now just getting better and trying to gel together. OTAs have helped me out a lot. It’s just going back over everything. Right now, everything is going really well for me. I just have to get used to my players. Once we put the pads on and I get a feel of what these guys can do, it will all be first hand. Getting used to the individual players and knowing how they block will help me get better.”

    Cecil Sapp showed some power and pop, and now that he’s the #2 back he certainly will not give that job up without a fight. I saw a couple of spin moves from Cecil, which is kind of rare as he usually likes to just run over people. There was plenty of that as well, including some shots to the defensive backs that tried to get too close. The word I would use to describe Sapp is fiesty. He was scrappy, and hard nosed out there today. He’s not a flashy runner, but he was effective between the tackles. Showed good hands, only dropping one pass that I saw. Sapp can also fill in as a FB and on special teams.

    Mike Bell is wearing the #30 this year (sorry TD). That being said, I had to look down at my roster twice to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me. He had a TON of burst today. More than he had all of last year. It was evident to me that he had been working on this during the offseason. Bell had his signature power, but he wasn’t running with his head down like he did last year. His vision seemed improved, although it still seemed to me like he was thinking too much and not just playing. Either way, he is certainly going to put up a good fight for that #2 spot.

    Andre Hall is not a stranger to Footballguys (see above post). He looked fantastic out there. He is a completely different type of runner from the other Broncos RBs. He has explosion, quickness, vision, and instincts. The one thing that he does have (and what makes him so different) is the fact that he is really, really shifty. It’s hard to get a bead to tackle this kid. He is elusive in the open field and looked very determined out there. He’ll make the team, (coaches have been raving about him on the PS), and he’ll contribute in some way if he continues to play this way.

    Selvin Young was a big disappointment today. He looked lost out there. He often didn’t make the proper cutback, opting to pick up minimal yards – when a clear cutback lane could’ve netted him 5 or more. The thing that really disappointed me the most was his lack of balance. THREE times he would get to the second level of the defense, and have so much forward body lean that he would just fall right over. His balance just wasn’t there. He’ll be hard pressed to make the team. I loved what Bloom and I saw of him at the Shrine Game, but on this stage he was outshined.

    Good thing Javon Walker is a superstud. The Broncos have no worries with #84. He was making great catch after great catch all day long. He seemed to have a spark in his step that he didn’t have last year. Javon seems motivated by many factors this season. He is rocking the “fro-hawk” in honor of Darrent Williams. Both Williams and Nashs numbers are on the back of Broncos helmets. Rod Smith did not practice – and is still not running! Here’s what coach Shanahan had to say about Rod: “Rod is here, he is in our meetings. Obviously he is not out there on the field, but I am glad he is taking care of himself. Rod is such a tough guy, he played last year with an injury when he probably shouldn’t have. He is doing what he can to make sure he is out on the field and very healthy. I hope we can have him back for the third preseason game. Rod will come back and play extremely well for us.”

    Brandon Stokley could move into the #2 role opposite of Javon Walker. The news on Brandon Marshall varies depending on who you talk to. Some people say he’ll be out just a few days, others say that he could miss over half of training camp – and maybe more. The buzz around Marshall was not good, as many people feel that while talented, Marshall may never put it together to be a consistent WR in the NFL.

    David Kircus started out cold. He was dropping many easy passes during drills. However, when he and Cutler hooked up for that TD something just clicked. After that Kircus seemed to be pumped up and was making catches all over the field. He’ll have to show more consistency, but with Marshall’s injury this WR corps is wide open.

    Domenik Hixon had a good first day. He is a different receiver from the other guys out there. He seems to have great speed, and is a bigger receiver. He’s not a polished route runner, but his hands are easily above average. I like his run after the catch ability.

    David Terrell made some good plays, but is not a favorite among teammates and probably won’t make this team.

    Quincy Morgan made some nice catches today. I have always liked this kid (he is a former Steeler after all) but unless he is a special teams stud he won’t make the team.

    Brian Clark is just a camp body in my opinion. He is a good athlete, but not a good football player.

    Daniel Graham DID NOT DROP A PASS TODAY. Sure, he’s a fantastic blocker – but this kid can catch anything. He was even catching God-awful passes from Preston Parsons. Cutler was already looking to Graham early and often. When plays would break down, Jay would flick the ball to Graham (the guy knows how to get open). A fantastic day from this guy.

    Tony Scheffler didn’t practice, but should be back very soon.

    Stephen Alexander made several good catches today. He’s a solid veteran that seems to have shaken the injury bug that hampered his career early on.


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    I spend most of my time watching the offense, but I did have a few defensive observations from today:

    Sam Adams is big. I mean really big. I may be Big Mex, but Adams could crush me with ease. All reports were positive from the big man today -–and he didn’t seem that winded!

    Jarvis Moss looked tentative. He is very slender, and needs to be more instinctive. I’m sure it’s just the first day jitters (even I had butterflies!) and all reports about Moss were positive.

    Marcus Thomas is a BEAST. He leveled Greg Elsinger in one on one drills. He didn’t just level him, HE WAS LIKE A ROAD GRADER! Elsinger was on his ### quick. If Thomas fulfills his potential the Broncos have an absolute STEAL.

    DJ Williams is a great athlete, but he struggled at times today. He was out of position twice, and was yelled at for it. He needs to show great instinct, and I’d like to see him play with more hard-nosed passion.

    Dre Bly likes to showboat. But that’s okay because he was backing it up. He made on catch in drills that was over-and-behind his head. Simply amazing. Champ thinks it should open up things for him more: “Definitely. I have to get more than last year. I can’t really get less. With Dre (Bly) on the other side, we’re going to make plays. Last year, I picked about a third of the balls. Some quarterbacks don’t care. There are a lot of young quarterbacks that think they can do it, so I’m all for it. I’m not going to say anything during the week about them not throwing it over there.”

    Nick Ferguson struggled today. He is the one part of the defense that needs to be sound. Lynch, Bailey, Bly will have it locked down – but Ferguson (if he starts) will have to bring his “A” game. On a trips formation where the inside receiver broke at 7, and the middle receiver broke at 12 Ferguson bit on the drag route (inside) which left the flag route (middle) wide open for the score. Big Sean was upset about that play. Here's what the big man had to say about that play, "That ####### sucked!"


    It is all in this forum.

    he also took a few good pictures which he posted in he thread above, but you will have to join the footballguys boards to see them.



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      Sounds like he wasn't aware that Mike Bell got the CONSENT of TD to wear numero 30 this year.

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        Patrick Ramsey is facing our 1st Team Defense, and while several first-hand accounts of Day One were negative, I think Ramsey will do fine once he gets into our system a bit more and relaxes. He has only been at Dove Valley for four of their OTA Days for goodness sake!

        Glad to keep hearing positive things about Andre Hall -- he's my boy!

        There's been a bunch of camp coverage (from the bloggers and such) and that's really cool to have info from them and not just the team's media relations people and the Denver Post!
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