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    They'll both make the team, and as much as I'd LOVE to see Cecil get #2, I doubt he will. He's too similar in style to Henry, and as a 3rd down type back Bell is the better option. However, if Henry goes down with an injury (heaven forbid), then Cecil might get the chance. Pre-season will tell a lot.
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      Originally posted by BroncoFan_In_AZ View Post
      I guess that's why I love the Training Camp coverage. Channel 4 does a good show. I've never heard of PauL Smith, but I'm sure I will over the next few weeks.
      We got Paul Smith mainly for his ST skills. He's got a pretty good reputation as an ST ace.

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        Originally posted by broncos4ever View Post
        Don't forget about Paul Smith... Or does everyone think he is not going to make the squad?
        not as a halfback...


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          Cecil will get more playing time this year.

          Both Cecil and Mike are good hard runners but one has to more impresssive than the other.At this time,you can't really tell.I would thing based on the college stats that cecil might make a run at the position this year.


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            Originally posted by topscribe View Post
            Actually I believe you said more here than you may realize.

            Mike Bell is clearly a better runner than Sapp. I believe he has the team made.
            Sapp likely has #3 RB wrapped up because of his versatility. He is a decent
            runner and an experienced fullback. Moreover, he is valuable on special teams,
            and a backup returner.

            Whereas Bell wins his job with nifty running, Sapp wins his with his versatility.

            If that indeed is the way it turns out, of course.

            I agree with you %100.
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