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    Originally posted by BroncoFan_In_AZ View Post
    I'm a big Kircus fan also. I was disapointed when they brought in Brandon Stokely because i figured that meant the end of Kircus. Kircus is healthy, fast, strong and hungry for a job. Stokely is injured and much more costly. They have way too many receivers in camp.
    you are dissapointed that they brought in a proven receiver? and you think that kircus is all that? look, i don't think kircus is all that bad or anything, but the guy has yet to prove anything. i mean, he can do well in camp and in the pre-season, but he was a ghost during the regular season. on the other hand we all know what stokely is capable of, and it looks like he is healthy and ready to go as much as anyone. oh, and how do you have too many wide outs in camp when two out of your starting three are out with injury?

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      Originally posted by MindField View Post
      I have real high hopes for Kircus. He has a real chance to make a name for himself and to play a prominent role with the Broncos this year with all the injury questions...I hope he takes advantage of it.

      Go Kircus!

      Personally I think he has a chance of getting the 3rd receiver role at least until Rod Smith comes back. Marshall just isn't showing anything with being hurt so much!!!
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