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  • Cecil Lammey's Day Two Report

    I didn't see this up yet... if it is, please feel free to pull this. Here is Cecil Lammey's report on Day Two (over at

    The mood was somber today because of the passing of Bill Walsh. Perhaps no one in the history of football has been more influential on the game. Legend is a term that is tossed around too much in the media, but Walsh was truly a legend. His legacy has forever changed football and he will be missed by all.

    Here’s what Coach Mike Shanahan had to say about the passing of Bill Walsh: ”Today is a really sad day. He was a great coach and a great teacher. He enjoyed teaching and it didn’t matter what level it was. I don’t care if he was teaching high school kids or quarterbacks three-to-five step drops, college kids, pro kids, he enjoyed it. He was very good at it, very smart. The best way to describe him is passionate about everything, and that’s one of the reasons he was so successful. ”

    On the field certain players made a bigger impact than others on day 2. Big Sean Baca (Next Level Scouting) joined me once again, and overall we were very happy with what we saw from the Broncos today.

    Jay Cutler was sharp again today. After most every throw, Sean would say “Awesome.” Cutler’s confidence shined through and he really believes he can make almost any throw. His dropbacks looked good, and he got rid of the ball quickly. He was very decisive when making his throws, even if some were ill-advised. I liked the way that he was looking off the cornerbacks and he kept them guessing almost all day. Brandon Stokley made the most plays for Cutler (aside from Javon Walker) and Jay was spreading the ball around. Cutler commented on Stokley after practice: “He’s a wealth of experience. He’s so knowledgeable and has been in some really good systems with some really good quarterbacks so he can help me out a lot. He’s taught me so much through play. I’m getting a feel for how he used to do it, how he likes to do it, what works, what doesn’t work, and he makes plays. That’s one thing he does. He’s always getting open. You like to have a guy like that, that you can be confident in him, be able to throw the ball to him in any situation. It’ll be nice with Javon (Walker) and getting some of those other guys back. We’ll have a lot of weapons.”

    Patrick Ramsey looked worse than he did yesterday. It is clear to me that he is gripping with his new team. Too many times he seemed hesitant (again holding onto the ball too long). Even on dump off passes Ramsey would throw it into coverage.

    Darrell Hackney was a little confused out there, but he did have nice zip on the ball. His arm is very live and the way Ramsey is playing Hackney may have a shot at the #2.

    Travis Henry was simply AMAZING today. He clearly showed why he is a better fit for this offense than Tatum Bell. Even Coach Shanahan commented on the difference between the two: “Travis is a different style running back. He is more power oriented. He runs down hill and he has the ability to break tackles. Travis has the ability to make the big play where Tatum was more of a slasher. He wasn’t really a power runner but could come up with the big play finding the hole. There styles are different, but I think Travis fits our system a little bit better.” Travis showed great vision on his cutbacks and stunning power between the tackles. There were at least 4 different runs where he made the cutback at just the right time and made the backside of the defense look very, very bad. There was even one run where he cut back across most of the field and made it to the corner and up the field. He’s the best RB I’ve seen in Broncos camp since Clinton Portis (I sure do miss Greeley – okay maybe not!)

    Cecil Sapp had another solid day. More signature power moves from this guy. He even lowered his shoulder on Champ one time, and that was not well received. I love watching him run the football, and have been a long time fan – and not just because we share the same first name. Shanahan is impressed by his #2 back as well: “Cecil is a guy that can do about everything—play fullback, tailback and special teams. He is a natural athlete that works extremely hard and gives you everything that he’s got. It is kind of nice to see him carry the ball a little bit more. Last year, he averaged over seven yards a carry in a very limited role, but he is going to help us out this year. We bring all these guys in because we don’t have anything etched in stone. Obviously we know who are starters are but even they may fall off the cliff with age or effort. I think we have enough depth where someone like Cecil can come in and push that type of starter.”

    Mike Bell was not as good as yesterday. He was a willing inside runner, but did not find the hole or cutback lane very consistently. He dropped a pass in scrimmage that would’ve been six points. Coach Shanahan did not seem pleased by that play whatsoever. It was not the only drop by Mike Bell today.

    Andre Hall looked okay today. I wasn’t taken aback by him because I kind of knew what to expect. Solid day.

    Selvin Young will probably be among the first of the Bronco cuts. Where is the balance and vision that we saw during the Shrine Game practices in Houston?

    Javon Walker was playing like a man among boys out there. Sean commented that he looked like an all-pro on every play. Karl Paymah was dominating some receivers, but he couldn’t drive Walker off of his route. Javon was driving through the physical corner play and making plays. Jay Cutler commented on his receiving corps after practice: “Honestly we’ve got some high-profile guys right now. We’ve got some guys stepping up. (Domenik) Hixon and B.C. (Brian Clark) are stepping up and filling in some roles for us. (Brandon) Stokley is going to do well. Hixon brings a lot of speed. He’s able to get in and out of breaks quickly. Not a lot of people will be able to catch him. He brings some added dimension. He stretches the field for us and can make some big plays. ”

    Brandon Stokley can still get open against any type of coverage. He doesn’t give his route away with his shoulders or his hips and before you know it he is stopping and coming back to the ball. He knows how to work the sideline as well. He caught an over the shoulder go route that only a few in the NFL can catch consistently. Stokley is getting a lot of love from his teammates and from coach Shanahan. “We were watching him for last month or so out here running routes. But you still have to work on game situations and one on ones. I really didn’t anticipate him coming back this early, especially as quick as he looks and the moves he has made out there. If he can keep it going than we may have something pretty special.”

    Domenik Hixon had an up and down day, but overall it was another solid performance. I love his route running. Amazing to think that he didn’t play receiver full time at Akron. Coach Shanahan explained the reasoning behind bringing in all these receivers: “We brought more guys in this year because any time you have nine or 10 guys practicing, they are usually a pretty good group of players. We have a bunch of players that have the opportunity to make this football team and we have good depth even though we don’t have a lot of experience. However, I am very impressed with the talent out there.”

    David Kircus looked good, but not great. Again with the lack of consistency! He made several catches today, but few were clean. Too often he was bobbling the ball while running and didn’t snag the ball out of the air. John Lynch also abused him on one play where Kircus fumbled. But hey, it’s John “Freaking” Lynch so that’s bound to happen.

    David Terrell had a few good moments in 1 on 1 drills.

    Quincy Morgan has very strong hands, but was getting worked over by the physical corner play today.

    Daniel Graham dropped some passes today. He was a very popular target today, but the drops were very costly. There was one at the goalline where he threw out one hand at it, and accidentally bounced it into the air for an interception. We'll chalk this up to one below average day. I do not expect Graham to have too many of these.

    Nate Jackson sighting! He makes plays, but will it be enough?

    Now here’s Sean Baca’s notes from the defensive side of the ball.

    Tim Crowder – dominant, great leg drive, got lots of love from the coaches as he OWNED the tackles in 1 on 1 drills.

    Jarvis Moss – had flashes of brilliance in 1 on 1 drills, using an array of techniques to get after the QB. Meadows and Lepsis had their way with him a time or two.

    Elvis Dumervil – Looked great using his leverage and would not be denied.

    Warren/Ekuban/Kennedy – looked very powerful inside and created a new line of scrimmage on every play.

    Antwan Burton – did not fair well in 1 on 1 work because he didn’t look that powerful.

    The D-Line won the battle today, except for a few plays from Meadows/Nalen/Lepsis.

    Here’s some Oline notes from Sean:

    Nalen: could not be beat regularly.

    Lepsis: great footwork

    Pears: looked awful, played confused at times, had problems against Crowder, Dumervil, and Moss’ bombardment.

    Meadows: shut off the corner rush, and looked good against most techniques.

    Now back to most defensive notes:
    Dominique Foxworth – made some pads pop and was very aggressive.

    Champ Bailey – unreal, two interceptions in goalline work.

    Nick Ferguson – must’ve read the camp report yesterday because he looked awesome today. Looked at home playing over the top.

    Dre Bly – Brian Clark made some plays on him, but he bounced back in 7 on 7 drills.

    Karl Paymah – very physical and really got the receivers blood pumping with all the contact.

    John Lynch – very upbeat and ready for contact. Threw Kircus to the ground like a rag doll.
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    Karl Paymah – very physical and really got the receivers blood pumping with all the contact.
    Wow! How awesome is that? All the reports I've read so far on Paymah is consistent with each other. He's playing physical ball. I'm excited for that!


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      I'm just stoked that T. Henry is looking as good as everyone was toutin' him up to be!!!!
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        I'm going to say that Crowder is going to be a beast on our D-Line...especially if he can get isolated against a tackle as the report mentioned.
        Rest in Peace, Darrent and Damien. You will be forever in our thoughts


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          I'm glad to see that Meadows popped back from having a so-so day at camp yesterday. Always good to see the OL give a good performance.

          And Cutlers comments on Brandon Stokley were great. Playing with Peyton, players expect perfection, and that Cutler is soaking all Brandon has to say is very encouraging!
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            Thanks for the reports i read Socals and Kaylor. there is some differing of opinion But all in all i am stoked about this team this year. wish we could have our wideouts healthy
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