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  • SoCalBronco and Kaylore - (7/31) PM Reports

    Here is SoCal's with Kaylore's coming soon. Remember, support 'em.


    July 31 PM Report: Cutler and Graham connect
    By SoCalBronco

    QUARTERBACKS- Jay Cutler returned to form this afternoon. Like Sunday and Monday, Cutler was very sharp this afternoon, and not just on dump-offs or underneath throws. He hit on a large number of intermediate throws and was very accurate the entire afternoon, with the exception of the move the ball drills at the end of practice where he took some chances and had a few incompletions. He had his first interception of camp when the wide reciever bobbled the ball and Bly snatched it away. But I would give Jay an A for the afternoon practice after struggling a little this morning. Among his highlights were drilling back to back stick routes at the start of practice and a frozen rope to Brian Clark on a deep out and a sweet through on a post route and a deep route to Kircus. He also started to develop a little bit of chemistry with Dan Graham who had been struggling himself until this afternoon. He had a lot of really nice strikes this afternoon and did good work against the blitz as well. I am pleased to report that Ramsey built on his halfway decent morning by having an ok afternoon. He still isn’t good but he is become a little more comfortable with the offense and the number of terribly inaccurate throws he makes is on the (incremental) decline. While this morning the quarterbacks worked on bubble and jailbreak screens, this afternoon the quarterbacks got a lot of experience at running halfback and fullback screens, with also some wide receiver screens, as well. Khan and I both felt this was a positive development as the team has not relied on the screen much during the Shanahan era, but it is a useful tool in slowing down the pass rush and getting playmakers into space.

    RUNNING BACKS- Coach Shanahan confirmed in his post-practice press conference that he gave Travis Henry the afternoon off. Not surprisingly, the running game suffered without him, as the backups were not able to run on either the first or second team front seven. Rookie Selvin Young continued to trip up on himself and others this afternoon and Khan remarked that he wouldn’t be surprised if Young was among the first wave of cuts.

    WIDE RECEIVERS AND TIGHT ENDS- Dan Graham recovered from a poor morning and a mediocre camp (as far as catching the ball) with a very solid afternoon, catching a number of passes from Cutler and doing a little bit better at getting seperation from linebackers. He still was not much of a vertical threat (and the coaches did not even try to have him run those routes) but looks reliable as a hot route runner against the blitz. Nate Jackson also stood out, making a number of receptions. Mike Leach caught a nice deep post for his first real highlight in camp, but was otherwise quiet. I still believe this group is in dire need of Scheffler’s return. As far as the wide receivers, Javon Walker was given the afternoon off (that made Cutler’s performance even more impressive) but Stokley stepped up and like yesterday, really made a number of impressive plays, including a tough catch in traffic along the sideline. Right now there is little doubt that until Marshall and/or Smith return and prove themselves, Stokley has a stranglehold on the No. 2 position. He has really earned it and has been very impressive the last two days. His recovery has really been great. The rest of the recieving corps struggled, although Kircus had his usual couple of plays, Quincy Morgan made a brief appearance and Brian Clark had a nice deep reception. In his post practice press conference, Coach Shanahan confirmed that Domenik Hixon’s injury was just a minor seperation and that he could be back as early as tomorrow morning.

    OFFENSIVE LINE- Some of the offensive linemen were given the afternoon off, but Khan and I still paid attention to the line drills. Chris Kuper recovered somewhat from his bad morning, although on one of the occasions on which he dominated a defensive lineman, it was only third stringer Emmanuel Akah. Chris Myers also was not as bad as the last few days and actually did a good job getting his hands on (and controlling) Marcus Thomas in the drill. Myers struggled greatly however in shotgun snaps. He constantly had some very low snaps from the gun. Jarvis Moss had one play where his first step just made Adam Meadows look stupid. Meadows is really struggling this camp and if we any quality depth whatsoever at tackle, he would be a candidate for early cuts. However, our tackle situation probably will save him (at least temporarily, probably longer than that). The only times I noticed Harris this afternoon was when he got beat and that did happen a few times, once to Dumervil and another time in 11 on 11 action to Moss.

    DEFENSIVE LINE- Jarvis Moss was very good in the drills this afternoon. He is going to be scary soon, he really will. He keeps getting better every day. In the live action, he also had one would be sack. Dumervil did a nice job in the live action, getting two would be sacks. He really does a lot better of a job in live 11 on 11 action rather than in the 1 on 1 drills. Thomas was not as strong this afternoon as he was in the morning. He continued to run with the third and second teams in live action and when I focused in on him in live action, he had some struggles with the interior of the offensive line. Demetrin Veal had a poor drills session but got a good pass rush in the live action period. Kenny Peterson also got good pass rush in the 11 on 11 period. Tim Crowder continued to have a very solid day. Former St. Louis Ram Jimmy Kennedy did not look too good in the 1 on 1 drills but he did get some push in 11 on 11 action.

    LINEBACKERS- Backup T.J. Hollowell almost had an interception. D.J. Williams and Nate Webster were especially good at getting out to the flats quick on outside run plays and swing passes. I also liked how D.J. is able to get some pressure coming through the middle. I continue to believe that D.D. Lewis is the best strongside prospect. He is showing some decent speed and is getting noticed. Cameron Vaughn finally made an appearance in stopping a run play at the line, but other than that he was very quiet as was Wesley Mallard and the rest of the backups.

    SECONDARY- Bly had an interception after a reciever bobbled a Cutler pass. Stokley did beat Bly a few times and some of the backups caught some short 5 yard passes on him. Karl Paymah had his third straight strong day, especially in the red zone defending fades. Foxworth was very solid and showed very good speed in breaking up a pass in the endzone. He also got a good deal of work playing Free Safety. He looked good playing the deep middle in Cover 3. Since there was no tackling however, it is hard to know how good he would be tacking tight ends and wide recievers in space from the safety position. Last season ofcourse, he struggled in that particular area when placed at safety (especially at San Diego). In addition to being a special teams ace, Quentin Harris actually had a nice pass deflection today.
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    Kaylore's 7/31 - PM Report

    Afternoon practice was quite hot and many of the veterans and stars were given the practice off to rest so the younger guys could get more reps. Bailey, Lynch, Henry, Walker, Nalen, Lepsis, Scheffler, Marshall, Gold, Hixon and Ekuban were all off the field.

    The practice started with a lot of particulars in position work. I’ve felt that the coaching staff this year is more focused on specifics than they were in past years. There are a lot of technique drills that focus on everything from their stance and footwork to their hands and how they use them. Jarvis Moss revealed this morning that a specialist who works with a lot of the big name defense ends will be in camp this weekend to assist the defensive line specifically with their hand and wrist skills.

    In the full drills and scrimmages we saw quite a bit. They ran a lot of screens and plays from the empty backfield. The screens were of every variety: bubble screens to the receivers and the tight ends, half back and fullback screens, and some play action screens as well.

    Working from the empty backfield had mixed results. Imagine throwing to Stokely and Quincy Morgan as your primary receivers with Kircus and David Terrell occasionally showing up. Needless to say it was not easy and Cutler was visibly frustrated as his move-the-ball two-minute scenario stalled out near the forty-yard line.

    I think the absence of Scheffler is really being noticed as Cutler likes to work the middle of the field, and Graham, for all that he does well, is certainly not the vertical threat that Tony is. This has made coverage over the middle easier and so the receivers aren’t getting open. Hopefully as players get healthy we’ll see things open up for the offense.

    So here’s a brief recap of what caught our eye this afternoon. More brief than usual, anyway.

    Quarterbacks – The quarterbacks looked much better today. They are becoming more familiar with the offense overall and their mechanics are getting better. They were all much better this afternoon than this morning.

    Jay Cutler: He looked very sharp. His footwork and body control was very crisp. He made a number of excellent throws today and he’s really throwing with confidence. He did have one pick today when a pass bounced off Brian Clark’s hands and flew into Dre Bly’s. I suppose if you are going to have an interception, that’s best kind you can have as the throw was on time and the read was right. Cutler also did a great job throwing against the blitz. On one play both the linebacker and safety blitzed and he threw to the area of the field they vacated for a decent gain. Overall he’s really progressing well and I expect that to continue.

    Patrick Ramsey: He played better today. His throws are more on time and he is settling down in the pocket. He’s getting better at the deep ball and his check downs are more consistent. He still made some goofball throws, but I think he’s starting to grow a bit. It is my hope that maybe he can stick here and take some coaching and grow for a bit as player rather than bouncing from system to system where no substantive progress is made.

    Preston Parsons: Parsons is the most accurate of the QB’s but also the one with the weakest arm. He made some throws but nothing that impressive.

    Darrell Hackney: He is just too short. His passes have a lot of power in them, but they’re horribly erratic an his footwork is crazy. He does have a good arm.

    Defensive Line – The line had another good day and the young players continued to show improvement and growth. The pass rush is much better than it was last year. It has been so constantly good, in fact, that I don’t know whether to be excited about the defensive ends or concerned about the offensive tackles.

    One of the things that Bates was stressing in working with the line today is when trying to get to the quarterback, not to be so engaged with beating the guy in front of you that you forget to use your eyes to locate the quarterback.

    Jarvis Moss: Moss was pretty much unblockable again. He usually wins his one-on-one in the drills and in the scrimmages and scenarios he was often one of the first there even getting a sack at one point. He takes coaching well and is absolutely explosive off the line. More than that are how well he uses his hands and arms to get to his goal. He really is very impressive.

    Tim Crowder: Crowder continued to draw praise from his coaches for his good technique. He still needs to work on a better first step and get more burst off the line, but overall he had a solid performance.

    Elvis Dumervil: Elvis filled in on the first team for Ekuban which suggests the coaches like what they are seeing from the guy. He is still very explosive when he is able to get free. One thing I like about Elvis is how he tries different things every snap and sometimes his plan of attack varies depending on the offensive lineman he’s going up against. This shows intelligence and savvy.

    Gerard Warren: Warren made some plays in the running game today. They were pretty good. While he is usually eating up blockers, Warren still is working on being a force in the middle and that will only make the line better.

    Jimmy Kennedy: He had some good plays but they were all in passing situations and he was less productive against the run. He’ll need to toughen up in that department to get more playing time.

    Defensive Backs – The D-backs were pretty solid today. I will say this about Bob Slowik: He has really turned this unit around. Not many people remember how horrible our corners were three years ago. This was due to talent and poor coaching under Gibbs. Well thank goodness things are turning around. Briefly here’s a few things that stood out to me.

    Karl Paymah: Paymah continued to impress and has been playing a solid camp. He broke up a pass in the redzone and hopefully he can carry this over to the preseason and regular season.

    Dominique Foxworth: He played very well in both the nickel and second team safety role. If he wants to play safety long term he’ll need to bulk up.

    Hamza Abdullah: Hamza made some good plays and showed hustle. He’s really making strides.

    Other thoughts –

    -If our receivers don’t get healthy and practicing it’s going to be a long season.

    -Quincy Morgan looks the best in the return game.

    Note to blob: Jarvis Moss will make Damion McIntosh wet himself.

    Note to blob: Marcus Pollard is going have nightmares about Jay Cutler.
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      i love this stuff, i cant wait to get out there for myself this monday.

      hey dream any idea what time is the best time to get there??


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        Originally posted by SBboundBRONCOS View Post
        i love this stuff, i cant wait to get out there for myself this monday.

        hey dream any idea what time is the best time to get there??
        Since I'm not out there, I'd have no idea. I believe the morning sessions are at 8:30 AM, and I do know that it opens up an hour earlier, so I'd probably try and be that early if you want to get a nice spot to watch the practices.


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          Thanks for posting this Dream.

          Stokley stepping up is really huge. As well as hearing how well Moss is coming along.

          Also, D.D. Lewis is getting pretty good reviews too. Someone needs to step up at that position and he seems to be doing that.

          Great work SoCal and Kaylore....thanks alot.


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            Thank you for the great report Socal and Kaylore. You guys are better than any newspaper, magazine or website. I look forward to these reports everyday. Keep up the good work.

            I get the feeling that our offseason moves are working out. I also get the feeling that Brandon Marshall and Tony Scheffler are going to be heavily counted upon. Training camp is also revealing how thin we are at linebacker.

            to training camp


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              Hey Requiem, make sure you include a live link to our front page.

              I also wonder how much of that rep you get is off of our work...:nono:


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                Originally posted by Kaylore View Post
                Hey Requiem, make sure you include a live link to our front page.

                I also wonder how much of that rep you get is off of our work...:nono:
                I forgot about that this time around, sorry.

                Oh, and I repeatedly tell people not to give me rep, but I cannot stop them. That's why I always say to go over there and let you all know how much they appreciate it.


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                  Originally posted by Dream View Post
                  I forgot about that this time around, sorry.

                  Oh, and I repeatedly tell people not to give me rep, but I cannot stop them. That's why I always say to go over there and let you all know how much they appreciate it.
                  CP is given to alot of people for finding articles. shouldnt be no differant with this case. Not all the fans are gonna go over to the mane.

                  Kaylore if you wanna get the cp for it post your airticles here brotha.

                  You guys are quickly gaining fame amongst the bronco faithfull.

                  Good insight.
                  The fool who fancies he is full of wisdom
                  While he sits by his hearth at home.
                  Quickly finds when questioned by others .
                  That he knows nothing at all.


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                    Hey Kaylore do you think if Hamza Abdullah keeps progressignt hsi year that he may beable to take over for Lynch when the time comes?
                    It's also nice to hear that Moss and Crowder are doing well.


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                      Great to hear this stuff, thanks folks for the report!
                      Go Broncos, make me keep believing this year


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                        Hey thanks Dream, Kaylore. You guys are great! I go to work, and start my day by reading your blogs! Nothing better!
                        I really like this
                        Karl Paymah: Paymah continued to impress and has been playing a solid camp. He broke up a pass in the redzone and hopefully he can carry this over to the preseason and regular season.
                        This is good news to me! I have been defending this guy all of last year,for his spot duty play, so i hope he continues to progress.
                        I would much rather see Paymah play FS (6'0" 200lbs) and keep Foxy at CB, but if Shanny wants Foxy at FS...ok. I just hope he bulks up, he wont make it through the entire season at his usual size.


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                          since I live in louisiana i can't get any information on the Broncos other then through you all. So I have some defensive questions. what is really going on with Dre? every post I've read so far has him getting burnt or beat by Kircus and Hixon and all the other back-ups. Is he holding his own or are they just reporting on the recievers because they are the back-ups making good plays or is it that he is making bad plays. Also someone I thought we would hear more about is Sam Adams, is he playing ok or what? I figured he would be the hole clogger but so far I haven't heard one word about him. I know you said something about D.D. Lewis showing ability but who is actually starting at the strong side right now? And lastly how is Ferguson looking? oh yeah, can I assume that getting a new safety is out since they have Abdullah and Foxworth running second team?