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cecil Lammey: DAY 3 Report

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  • cecil Lammey: DAY 3 Report

    Here is Cecil Lammey's report from over at He says that he's also just posted some of the camp stuff on his The Audible podcasts, so check em out!

    If today was a football game, one could say that Jay Cutler had a rough first half. The morning session saw Jay miss the mark on a few of his throws. The main problem with the aerial attack was dropped passes by the receivers. It’s hard for the offense to get in a rhythm if passes are hitting the ground. This afternoon Jay looked like his old self. His passes were on target again, and his receivers were hanging on to the football.

    Patrick Ramsey had his best day of camp today. It wasn’t a great day, but it was his best. He still looks tentative out there, like he is thinking too much. Coach Shanahan had this to say about the competition in training camp: “We’ve got some great competition. We’ve got a lot of guys that have a lot of ability, and a lot of these younger guys that haven’t been with us are getting some practice time. So in this short time, we’ll see who steps up.”

    Darrell Hackney made some poor decisions with the football. He has a rocket arm but almost zero accuracy.

    Travis Henry continued to look great. I must admit that his pad speed has really surprised me. It continues to surprise the defense as well. Henry makes nice cuts, and knows exactly when to bounce the ball back inside or outside. Timing in this zone blocking is key, and Henry does a good job of setting up the defenders on the second level.

    Cecil Sapp had a good day. I love his power and determination. Not much of a gamebreaker, but his game is solid all the way around.

    Mike Bell is back to looking like the Mike Bell from last year. His fresh legs are gone, and he’s back to having only one speed. He does have a ton of heart and will continue to put up a good fight for the #2 job.

    Andre Hall had a few good runs. Good instincts for running the football.

    Selvin Young had better say goodbye to his college teammate Tim Crowder. Young should be heading home soon.

    Javon Walker had a solid day. He is consistently making catches with his arms outstretched and his hands in the proper position. I like the way that he plucks the ball out of the air. It wasn’t a really good day for the WRs, but Jwalk was again the leader of the pack.

    Brandon Stokley had the morning off. He came back in the afternoon and did what he does best – make plays. He is a very sure handed receiver and is proving to be a reliable target for Cutler. With the injury to Brandon Marshall it appears that the coaches have all the confidence in Stokley. Can he hold onto the #2 job when Marshall returns?

    David Kircus looks the same every day. Drop easy passes, make the spectacular ones. It’s very frustrating because he clearly has great athleticism. The Broncos need the rest of the receiving corps to stay healthy. Coach noticed Kircus out there today: “David shows flashes. He’s a little inconsistent. He drops the ball a few too many times, but he does come up with the big play. That consistency dictates whether or not you get a chance to play come game time. But David does show flashes and hopefully that consistency will improve and if it does improve he will have a chance to be on the football team.”

    Domenik Hixon had a slight separation of the shoulder, but shouldn’t miss that much time. He didn’t have his best day of camp before the injury. I love his speed and his route running, let’s hope that he can stay healthy this year.

    Brian Clark made a few plays. I have usually been pretty hard on him, because he has never filled his potential. Whether it was at NC State or here with the Broncos. The competition at the WR position should come down to the wire, here’s what coach had to say: “They get an opportunity to show what they can do. That’s what these guys are looking for. They have a lot of talent or else they wouldn’t be here, and some guys are building a really good standing in the National Football League. I’m not sure they can do it on game time, and I’m not sure they can do it consistently in practice. There’s a concentration level that’s stemming from the meetings and obviously the practice field, and we’ll find out in the next few days if they’re able to do that. But they are getting some reps that they normally wouldn’t get with a few guys being out.”

    Quincy Morgan stood out a couple of times. He’s just not tough enough in my opinion.

    ROD SMITH was out on the field jogging. That is a good sign, as it was only a month ago that he was only running in a pool. Everyone is rooting for Rod, and the Broncos could still use him.

    Daniel Graham had another good day catching the ball. He is a very strong player, but don’t expect much work from him after the catch or down the field. Nothing wrong with that, any QB would love a target as reliable as Graham. Coach is pleased with what he’s seen so far: “I can’t say I’m more impressed, but one of the reasons we signed him to the contract we did was because we liked the way he played and we liked the way he handled himself. You just don’t know for sure until the guy comes into camp and see how he works and how he attacks the meeting rooms and how he attacks the football field. You can say he’s a pro’s pro. He comes here to work every day and has a lot of discipline and he’s practiced quite well.”

    Nate Jackson made a few good plays.

    Ian Gold had back spasms today, but is expected back tomorrow.

    The defense is really looking strong up front.

    Nick Ferguson had another good day, and Dre Bly looks real comfortable out there.
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    Thanks for posting it.

    But when I went to the website to see if there was anything on the defense, I couldn't even find the stuff you quoted. It all seemed to be individual players and mostly paid content. And when I did a search it was only checking for players. Where should I be looking?
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      Originally posted by Javalon View Post
      Thanks for posting it.

      But when I went to the website to see if there was anything on the defense, I couldn't even find the stuff you quoted. It all seemed to be individual players and mostly paid content. And when I did a search it was only checking for players. Where should I be looking?
      For the articles try this link: FORUM THREAD

      For the podcasts... the link (top of my post) should take you directly to the content.

      Let me know if either one still doesn't work.
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        If Marshall comes back healthy soon, it looks like the #2 WR spot will be the one to watch.

        But really, either one would be great at either spot, so thats a really good thing
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