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Broncos LB Holdman carted off field (merged)

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  • Broncos LB Holdman carted off field (merged)

    Broncos LB Holdman carted off field, taken to hospital with apparent head or neck injury

    ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (AP) — Denver Broncos linebacker Warrick Holdman was carted off the field and taken by ambulance to a hospital Thursday after he appeared to injure his head or neck.

    There was no immediate word on the extent of his injury, although he was moving his arms and legs.

    Holdman appeared to hit the crown of his helmet on another player's helmet and crumpled to the grass midway through the morning workout. He was rolled over onto his back after a minute, but stayed down for eight minutes.

    His teammates gathered around him as he was strapped to a headboard and carted off the field to a waiting ambulance.

    Holdman is a ninth-year pro in his first season in Denver after spending the last two years in Washington. He was working with the starters at strong side linebacker Thursday. He's among a handful of players who are vying for the position in one of the most heated competitions at camp.


    Hope he's doing ok.

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    Hang in there buddy!


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      That isn't good....

      Hope everything turns out ok for him. Keeping my fingers crossed.
      Ready for the friggen season already!


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        wow, i hope he is alright. poor guy.

        team: i guess we can forget about trading for a saftey, linebacker seems like a must fill now.

        i mean we got webby, moore is on ir. that leaves lewis, vaughn, and, and... crap i dont even know.

        first and for most i hope is is ok, with no lating effects, but man we are fried if someone else goes down.

        i am predicting now a lb for our 1st rdr next.
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          I hope he is okay, those head and neck injuries can be dangerous. Hopefully he got of lighter than Al Wilson.


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            Having not been there I risk speaking out of turn but if the blow was on the crown of his helmet neck and spinal injuries are rare. They occur when the blow is to the top of the helmet. In this relatively fixed position the cevical column can not absorb the shock and damage to the spine occurs.

            This type of blow (to the crown) does not rule out concussions which tend to have a cumulative effect but they tend to cause less immediate trauma than spinal compression.


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              what happened to warrick holdman?

              On ESPN they say he got cated off the field after a hit. What happened? Is he going to be ok or what?


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                Looks like he put a hit on Bell at this morning's practice and fell limp, losing feeling to all limbs for 30-40 seconds. Didn't look like a shattering hit, but apparently did some damage. They said he wanted to walk off the field, but they thought he should be carted off.
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                  Its promising that he was able to move his arms and legs...Hopefully it was just precautionary that they took him to the hospital

                  Get well soon Holdman


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                    I'm really starting to get nervous about our depth at LB position and the WR spot. We are like plagued with injuries at those areas and I really hope we get to the season with people who can stay healthy.


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                      i posted this in the other forum:

                      "Mike bell was isolated up on him and they both just smashed into each other. It was a pretty loud hit as it was on the far side of the field and it was heard from the stands. None of us watching knew who it was though at the time and Bell actually didnt go down from the hit. Initially he fall down on his stomach and when everyone cleared (before we had any idea that it was bad) he was moving his feet, which is obviously a really good sign. Then after about 5 min or so Greek and other flipped him over and then they brought in the other car with the neck/head stabilizer on it."

                      From what others have said it is a spinal cord concussion which takes 48 hours to heal. So assuming the diagnosis is correct i think he will be ok...


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                        Here is video coverage of Holman sprained neck injury