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SoCalBronco and Kaylore - (8/2) AM Reports

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  • SoCalBronco and Kaylore - (8/2) AM Reports

    Sorry if these are a little late for ya'll. I had to work a morning to afternoon shift today and had overtime so I wasn't able to post them ASAP. Hope you all enjoy. Take care now and enjoy the weekend coming. . .

    They'll be up in a few minutes.

    Yes Kaylore, links to the main page will be up when the stories are on the main page.


    QUARTERBACKS- Jay Cutler was ok this morning, but like the last two mornings, he was sometimes a bit off. He’s got to be frustrated playing without any real weapons against the defenses, outside of Walker and Stokley, who he doesn’t always get matched with. Among his highlights were a nice basic cross route that threaded between the zones to Dan Graham at 12 yards and a deep ball to Quincy Morgan and a well timed deep square out to Hixon that the defender (who was playing tight) could not do anything about. It was nice to see him rifle it in there to Morgan but he probably should not have thrown the pass into double coverage. He had some other decent completions but at times overthrew some passes too. Patrick Ramsey had his finest practice of camp. He finally had a really solid practice. He threw a great deep ball to Brian Clark for a touchdown and another deep ball to Kircus for another touchdown. Ramsey also hooked up with Javon Walker a number of times. He did have one terrible throw that was almost intercepted by backup safety Roderick Rogers. Overall, however, given the step up in his play in the last few practices, it is becoming apparent that he is beginning to progress in this offense. Khan noted that he is starting to feel better with Ramsey as the backup.

    RUNNING BACKS- The defense really shut down the run today. None of the backs had real success against the defense, although Henry had a few nice runs when he just bowled over people. Henry also has surprising speed for a power back. On an outside toss play (rare to see in the Denver offense) when Ekuban had the angle on him and he just sped by to the sideline, showing a very good burst. Outside of one or two cutback runs by each, Sapp and Bell had a lot of trouble against the first and second team front sevens. The linebackers today really took it to the running backs.

    WIDE RECIEVERS AND TIGHT ENDS- Quincy Morgan had himself a good morning. He is thought of as purely a kick returner but showed some promise as a wide receiver too. He got the better of Dre Bly on a couple of intermediate and deep routes (to be fair, however, this was after Bly had sustained a minor leg injury). Morgan is starting to solidify a spot on the team (as yesterday, not surprisingly, he looked the best among the competitiors in the kick return department). Kircus and Brian Clark also showed good speed catching a deep ball and several underneath routes. Hixon had a very poor practice. He dropped several passes, although had one particularly nice reception on the sideline from Cutler. Foxworth in particular really gave him trouble. Dan Graham continues to struggle getting separation. Backup LB Louis Green got props from Jim Bates when he stuck on Graham on an intermediate route and swatted away a pass. The other linebackers also had a fairly good success rate bottling him up. The other tight ends are also continuing to be fairly quiet (Leach had a bad drop), but Nate Jackson comes up with a few nice receptions that are few and far between every practice (a trend that was continued today).

    OFFENSIVE LINE- I did not pay much attention to the line drills today, focusing rather on line play during the live action period. The offensive line had a great deal of trouble in the run game. The first and second team front seven ate their lunch. A few players that I focused on did have decent days, however. Ryan Harris had another good practice from what I observed. He is not known well for having a strong initial punch, but he really rocked Dumervil on one play in particular and got into the proper set up by the time Dumervil recovered. He also did a nice job in live action of handling Moss. I would have liked to see him matched up on Crowder a little more, because Crowder had a nice morning but I did not see that matchup. Eric Pears was not bad, either.

    DEFENSIVE LINE- Tim Crowder had another solid day, although this time he was more of a force as a pass rusher rather than a run defender, which is generally opposite of the norm with him. He was unable to disengage from Alexander on one run play and lost contain, but for the rest of the period he was at least ok in the run game. He did have a practice sack and a pressure and got some props. Moss was kind of quiet today and continues to have problems disengaging from the blockers in the run game. He needs to remember to play with leverage and keep his pads low (it is sometimes hard for him because he is so large and lanky) so that linemen don’t get into his chest. Dumervil struggled with Harris but against other offensive tackles did a great job with the pass rush and had a couple of practice sacks. Defensive tackle Antwon Burton stood out to me, because he got a very nice push into the backfield on pass plays. Ekuban had some problems maintaining containment against the run, but the rest of the front was so good that his small mistakes were covered up. Sam Adams and Marcus Thomas were held out of practice with small injuries. John Engelberger continues to be a force against the run. He has a fairly nice grip on one of the starting positions right now.

    LINEBACKERS- Outstanding. Basically all of them. Unfortunately, Warrick Holdman suffered what appeared to be a neck injury and was down for about 5 minutes until he was slowly strapped onto a stretcher. The backers were really flying around and creating havoc. I really feel much better about this unit. D.D. Lewis had a very strong practice, and is actually showing some good coverage skills on tight ends. He really blanketed Leach on one play when the QB unwisely threw the ball in that direction. Louis Green was also very good in coverage and gave Graham some problems. D.J. Williams had a superb practice, with a big time tackle for a loss which got him props from Jim Bates and a tap on the helmet. He also had a very nice hit right in the hole. I did not see it, but Khan (at a different angle) also saw him force a fumble. He continues to do a good job covering the backs in man to man coverage. Backup T.J. Hollowell seems to be a favorite of Jim Bates. Bates goes out of his way to compliment him. Earlier in the week, Hollowell seemed to struggle in space but today he showed good speed getting out to the flats on outside runs. Ian Gold and Nate Webster were very strong as well. Ian continues to pursue well and Webster can hit. Even recently acquired backup LB Wesley Mallard had a really nice TFL.

    DEFENSIVE BACKS- Dre Bly seemed to cramp up in the middle of practice. He grabbed his leg and hobbled off for awhile. He was back in practice shortly thereafter, but did not seem to be the same as Morgan and others caught some significant (yardage wise) passes on him. Foxworth was outstanding today. He really responded to Paymah’s outstanding week of practice. He deflected several balls, rarely allowed the receiver to get decent separation and also showed a physical side to his game. Among the safety group, I liked Cargile (good range) and Abdullah today. Abdullah can make plays as an in the box safety. He is quick to diagnose run plays and is a hard hitter. He had one “woo lick” hit today. Backup safeties Roderick Rogers and Jeff Shoate were not bad either, especially in pass coverage. Nick Ferguson rarely makes plays in coverage, but was a standout today in run support in the 9 on 9s.
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    SupaKoolKaylore Camp Report 8/2 AM

    This camp started out pretty good but had a very sad tone to it as Warrick Holdman left the field strapped to a cart following a blow to the shoudler/neck area. He was taken to SkyRidge Medical Center for precautionary reasons. Please remember to keep him in your prayers.

    I had the opportunity of meeting Chris Kuper and Chris Myers’ parents today and spoke at length with both their fathers. It was a really positive experience and was fun to learn about their families and what it’s like having a son in the big leagues. They are, of course, tremendously supportive of their sons.

    Kuper grew up in Alaska and so played some winter sports in addition to football. He actually played goalie and quarterback in his younger days. The idea of a three hundred pound goalie was pretty funny to me.

    Camp was a little bit cleaner in a lot of ways. Lynch huddled up the defense early on to tell them to pick things up and really send a message today. They did a good job with pass rush, penetration and played excellent in coverage. We are starting to enter that time when the little nicks and scratches of two-a-days start to sideline players. Shanahan said he might give the players the afternoon off. Hopefully they play well enough that he allows them to. John Lynch put it best when he said today “We’re not there yet.”

    I’m starting to have concerns about our first team offense. During the move-the-ball and scenario scrimmages they have struggled to find the endzone and have gone tree-and-out. Two more receivers were hurt today, but he did have Stokely and Walker out there and they are still struggling to make things happen. I wouldn’t be concerned if it wasn’t the second team defense. Now to be fair, Foxworth and Paymah are both playing very well in camp. Hamzah and Cox are also making a lot of progress and look good, and the second team defensive line consists of Crowder, Kennedy, Marcus Thomas, and Moss, so it’s not like the second team has no talent. Between that and the injuries at wideout and tight end, I think it’s been harder for the offense, but I hope to see some improvement soon or I’ll begin to be worried.

    Here’s briefly some players that stuck out to me today:

    Jay Cutler: Cutler was a little off today. His accuracy is still really good, and he’s getting better at going through his progressions. One of the things I’d like to see him do more of is scramble. There are times when no one is open (even the release valve) but there are big running lanes and he’ll try to force some passes. Take the run for six yards and try again next down.

    Patrick Ramsey: He is playing much better and has settled down in the pocket quite a bit. His throws are much more accurate than they were and he’s starting to find his timing. He still has a ways to go before he gets up to anywhere near where Jay is, but at the speed he is progressing I feel much better with him as the backup.

    The Linebackers – I haven’t talked much about this unit because I’ve kind of left that up to SoCal, but they are much better than I thought they’d be especially in coverage. I guess I was expecting a huge drop off after Al Wilson left but the depth and talent of this unit is pleasantly surprising. D.D. Lewis had a great practice today as has Ian Gold recently. All the linebackers have been making some plays and DJ Williams has especially been active. He forced a couple of fumbles today and is getting better at diagnosing plays. Nate Webster and Holdman (obviously before injury) were also equally impressive. My concerns that the sam position was going to be a huge hole have been somewhat assuaged. I’m reserving final judgement until I can seem them matchup on Scheffler.

    Defensive Line – The depth on the D-line across the board has been impressive and I think the only thing this unit needs right now is more time. I honestly don’t think there is someone we could bring in right now who will help us in the short term. After a year we’ll have a better chance to evaluate the talent and continue to upgrade as needed.

    Sam Adams: Adams is rested periodically because he has practiced enough to show what he can do and they are saving him for the regular season. He’s on the same schedule as Lynch, Bailey and other vets where the staff isn’t worried about them learning and so let’s them take practices off.

    Dre Bly: Bly hurt his leg a bit and then came back to practice but not near the speed he was at to this point. He got beat deep on one play and his recovery time was negatively affected. Hopefully they let him rest up.

    Today’s a short one. If you have any questions, please let me know. 
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      Reserved because you know it to be true.


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        Oh, the Drama! The reports, dang it! The reports! :hammer:

        Just like Reality TV...they gotta keep us guessing through the commerical breaks.
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          Originally posted by BroncFanIN View Post
          Oh, the Drama! The reports, dang it! The reports! :hammer:

          Just like Reality TV...they gotta keep us guessing through the commerical breaks.
          Hey. . . it's better than the soaps.


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            dream, kay,socal

            thanks so much guys. everyday i look foreward to reading these reports. you dont know how much you have spoiled us.

            ..we are not worthy, we are not worthy..

            ok, anyone have any news on my man d terrell. i read somewhere, maybe in one of your reports that he isnt liked by the teamates. is that true? if you get a chance maybe see what he is doing. i know he probably wont make the team, but he is one of my underdogs that i really would like to see play for us this year.

            thanks fellas
            So far:
            FA- Melvin Gordon. Brandon Scherff
            1. Kenneth Murray LB; 2. Shenault WR; 2B. Biadazz Center, 3. OT


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              The guy above wanted some info on D Terrell but the fact remains there just isnt that much to talk about when it concerns him. I never see him get thrown to (which tells me there is seperation problems) and he is not in all that much. I would see him being a 1st cut. He just has really been a ghost. He is one of the few players that i have to continusously look at my number sheet because i dont remember him. Thats a bad thing...

              As for everyone else today, defense looked good. I am going to put up a couple of videos that i got up on youtube but i didnt record the bad ass Q catch in double coverage and the TD catch by Kircus... Both of these plays were pretty sweet especially the Q one because Bly was all over him like white on rice and he still came down with it in bounds. Later on inpractice Q also put a double move on bly that left blys shoes in the grass... It was a sick move and just made bly look stupid.

              Adams didnt practice and the guys above me didnt mention it but i didnt see Thomas out there today as well... Kennedy filled in for Adams and did well. Actually the defense looks pretty nice. I think we are going to be fine at SAM. DD and Webster are more than capable and they will give us some highlights with some hits no doubt. And notice how there is rarely any mention of Bailey... Well that just because the QBs throwing the ball are just not looking on his side of the field.. So its a good thing

              The offense was hit or miss. For as bad that i have been on Ramsay lately, he actually looked good today making some good reads in live situations. So he is doing a good job shoring up the job of clipboard holder for the year. Kircus didnt do anything to piss off the coaches today which was good and like i said before Q did very well.

              Well let me see what i got on my camera and ill upload it asap...


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                oh ya... and Kircus had a SICK block on a toss that i DO have a video clip up Could have pancaked Foxy but didnt....... that was pretty good... So ill put it in this post when i get it uploaded...
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                  thanks aaron,

                  i was wondering if you were going to post anymore camp updates. glad you are.
                  So far:
                  FA- Melvin Gordon. Brandon Scherff
                  1. Kenneth Murray LB; 2. Shenault WR; 2B. Biadazz Center, 3. OT


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                    you know i was doing my own thing because to be honest i have little to do at school this week but the other guys are doing such a detailed report and actually can get more in depth than i can because they have press passes and can go wherever they want. I am stuck at the mercy of the retard security guards who dont know their ass from their faces...

                    So i thought i would just add where i could and since so many of you guys enjoyed the vids i just kind of ran with that since no one else is able to willing to do that...