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Largest-Ever Dove Valley Crowd Watches Broncos

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  • Largest-Ever Dove Valley Crowd Watches Broncos

    here's a good read of todays camp from cbs.

    AP) DENVER The Broncos had their one and only full pad workout Saturday morning in front of the largest crowd ever at Dove Valley -- more than 3,000 fans.

    They saw the defense make some spectacular plays. Dre Bly picked off a pass and took it all the way. Hamza Abdullah broke up several passes. And after dropping two possible interceptions Friday, Jeff Shoate made a terrific pick.

    On the offensive side, Nate Jackson continues to catch everything thrown his way and running back Andre Hall keeps making plays.

    Linebacker Louis Green hurt his knee in a collision with Tom Nalen during goal line drills.

    "We have lost a few guys over the past years during our goal line period, and I thought we had snuck away without an injury and then Louis Green stayed down on the ground, Shanahan said. "I thought the worst at first, but it looks like he is all right. He came back and practiced."

    "I think he just got a little bruise on his knee, so hopefully there is no setback. For a guy to come back like he did, is a good sign."

    Green will have an MRI just to be sure.

    Warrick Holdman, who went numb after colliding with Mike Bell Thursday, watched practice from the sidelines. He was released from the hospital on Friday after sustaining a spinal cord concussion. He hopes to practice Monday, but doctors have not yet cleared him to play.

    "He had some numbness when he came out of the hospital and until that numbness goes away he is not going to practice," Shanahan said. "We will evaluate that on a day-to-day basis."

    Mike Shanahan canceled Saturday afternoon's practice.

    The Broncos are off on Sunday. They'll be back on the field Monday at 8:30 a.m. and again at 3:50 p.m.

    "I'm going to have a little family time," Dre Bly said. "Today, I'll probably take my kids to the pool and just relax. I haven't really had a lot of time to spend with my kids even though I'm staying at home, but still just to spend some time with the kids. They just signed up for basketball and my oldest just signed up for flag football, so I might get out in the yard and shoot some basketball and throw some football with them."

    Mike Shanahan's Other Saturday Comments

    On RB Travis Henry not practicing:
    "He is just a little bit sore, but it's nothing serious. I think it was a sore groin or hamstring. We thought it was smart to keep him out because it was just a little bit tight, but he should be ready to go."

    On the first week of camp:
    "I thought we have had some great effort, but we are a long ways away. I thought we made some strides, but part of this is the evaluation process and getting down to 53 players. We are looking for guys that aren't going to make mistakes, guys that can handle it mentally as well has physically. We threw the whole playbook at them this week, and we have run the whole play book. There have been a lot of mistakes and their timing is not perfect, but we have had a chance to evaluate them both physically and mentally and see how guys step up."

    On DE Ebenezer Ekuban:
    "He is fine. He just got a little banged up. He got the wind knocked out of him, but he should be fine."

    On if QB Jay Cutler is wearing a special helmet to protect against concussions
    "He will be wearing his regular helmet. These guys get concussions all the time. They get a lot more attention for them. A guy used to have a couple concussions a year and they would do smelling salts and then go back. Obviously we are a lot more aware of the complications that come from concussions. They see the doctors and go through a rigorous routine to make sure everything is all right. Obviously with Jay, there is no problem with his head so we won't use any preventative measures to deal with that situation."

    On WR Brandon Marshall's expected return
    "I don't know when he is going to be ready. When he is ready, he will be able to go out there and practice at full speed. I told (Strength and Conditioning Coach) Rich Tuten that I don't want to see him until he is ready to go and he feels like he can go through two practices. We can't take reps away from guys that are already playing."

    On the Broncos' leaders
    "John Lynch was a captain and he is still here. Any time you lose a guy like Al Wilson, someone else has to step up. Rod Smith is still with us and he was a captain last year. You take a look at Keith Burns, even though he is not on the field, it is nice to have him here as a coach. We have a number of guys that I think are potential leaders both on offense and special teams. It is a group of guys playing together rather than who is a so called captain."

    On the players not practicing on Sunday
    "I think it is good. Any time you go for a week, it is nice to get a chance to have the body recover. I think it is mental as much as it is physical. Even though they are sore and worn out, when you throw as much as we have thrown at them in one week's time, it is tough. They will get a chance to relax a little bit and go back through their play books and we will start all over on Monday."

    On the team practicing in full pads
    "When they are in shoulder pads, it is full speed. What I like to do, and I only do it one time a year, I put the full pads on them that way before we play San Francisco, they have the feeling of what it is like to put the pads on the knees and go though a practice like that. We are not trying to tear them down by putting the pads on but traditionally we do this one time and when we do goal line we like to do it."

    On the crowd of 3,089 fans that attended Saturday's practice
    "It is great to see the support by the fans, and I think the players really enjoy it. From a coaching standpoint, I had to make plans. I have never made plans for the fans before because usually you can take care of them on one side of the field. We anticipated a lot of people coming out today and it was great. They were probably five or six deep on each side. I thought it was great to have the fans here supporting our team and I think the players thoroughly enjoyed it."

    On RB Mike Bell during goal line situations
    "Mike has always done a good job in the goal line offense. He has a way of getting up in the air and he also can stay low and run over people. That is one of his strong attributes."

    On bringing P Todd Sauerbrun back to Denver

    "We were hoping Todd would be back with us. With the contract situation, we never knew how the NFL was going to rule. Having him in our camp is a big plus."

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    I wish I lived in denver. When I went to the eagles camp, it was 95 degrees. and to make it worse, there weren't 3,000 fans.

    try 21,000 plus.:brick:


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      I was there. It was hot and very crowded.

      But it was a blast....



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        Remember the good ol day's when you could drive all the way to stinky Greeley and watch the practices on the hill?


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          Originally posted by stepurgameup101 View Post
          I wish I lived in denver. When I went to the eagles camp, it was 95 degrees. and to make it worse, there weren't 3,000 fans.

          try 21,000 plus.:brick:

          21,000 plus??? are you serious? that's enough to fill half a stadium. is there limited access to broncos camp or do the eagles fans just support their team more?

          also why are you complaining about 95 degrees??? that's the standard in the summer. i guess that could get magnified with 21,000 sweaty ghetto eagles fans though.


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            21,000 seems like it would be impossible unless they were practicing in a stadium... You know i was wondering if other camps draw similar numbers as the broncos... i remember seeing the falcons camp on ESPN and there was like 10 people watching... It was pretty sad...

            Denver's camp isnt so much limited but there isnt much more room for more than 3000 people. We sit on a hill in the grass and when it gets packed people stand on the other side of the main field..

            Its really weird because mon tues and wed wernt anyhting crazy but then thurs had quite a bit more, fri was packed and sat was just a mess...


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              I was there! Sitting in the south end zone in the shade, so I had quite a pleasant experience I'm going to post pics in a few minutes. We were like 15 feet from Champ and John Lynch. It was a great time.