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Final word on the Moss *injury*

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    Originally posted by Kaylore View Post
    I think to accuse someone of lying to get out of work is inappropriate particularly when we don't know the whole story. And who is chest thumping? I never said anything about pumping myself up.
    I agree with you, Kaylore. I normally don't make arrogations like this. I made a mistake (if that isn't clear enough).

    I mentioned the chest thumping because a few of the posts have strong expressions of ego, including mine (oh, the irony).

    Anyway, I have spent too much time defending what is obviously a worthless position, and one that I never really intended to take, so I want everyone to be clear of my thoughts on Jarvis Moss.

    I think he's a high character guy in the way that counts. Some people think high character just means you go to church and pay your taxes on time. The type of character I see in Moss is that deep down drive that speaks to him, 'never, ever give up in this life.' The only opinion I have expressed before now is that it takes a strong man to come back what he's been through, and still have the drive to be the best. That was right after we drafted him. It's been a joy to hear your (Kaylore) reports on him. I couldn't be happier to hear the things I do about his performance, and read the rookie diary about his attitude. Here's to a speedy recovery.

    Jarvis Moss