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Lynch & Ferguson Stir Up The Fans At Training Camp

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  • Lynch & Ferguson Stir Up The Fans At Training Camp

    Reggie Rivers Reporting
    August 8, 2007

    (CBS4) DENVER The Denver Broncos offense was much more in sync Wednesday morning than it was Tuesday, but it was still the defense that grabbed most of the attention.

    Safeties Nick Ferguson and John Lynch, exhorted the fans to scream "Defense! Defense" and "Broncos! Broncos!" during the goal-line period.

    "We had good energy and a good crowd out today," Lynch said. "We usually do for the most part. People are excited for football, people are excited about this season and that's fun. It helps lift us through these dog days of camp."

    The crowd seemed to be having a good time, and after practice the players said that hearing the fans cheer made it feel more like a game environment.

    "I thought we had a good practice today," head coach Mike Shanahan said. "We started a little bit slow in the first period, but then we really picked up the pace. I was pleased with the effort. Yesterday, we had a little bit of a marathon. We had pads on for two-and-a-half hours. After you hit the day before the way we did, you're going to have some guys that are tired and sluggish, but obviously you've got to work through it. As we've talked about that's what training camp is for, to work through some of the adversity."

    The players were not in pads, so there were no big collisions. The team worked on its nickel (5 defensive backs), dime (six defensive backs), and goal line passing attacks. The tight ends featured prominently in the Broncos play-action bootlegs in the red zone, and Nate Jackson in particular made several good catches in the end zone.

    The defense continues to shine. Safety Steve Cargile and cornerbacks Dre Bly and Domonique Foxworth each picked off a pass in the span of about five minutes.

    Rookie defensive end Jarvis Moss was back on the field, though he was noticeably favoring his sprained left knee. He did not participate in all of the drills, but it does appear that he's on track to make a quick recovery.

    Linebacker Nate Webster did not attend practice Wednesday. He was not in uniform, and not on the sidelines with the injured players. He showed up at the Broncos facility about 10 minutes before the morning practice ended.

    Shanahan merely said that Webster sat out because he was banged up. The coach did not comment further on which part of Webster's body was hurt, or why he missed the practice.

    In addition to Webster, nine other players did not practice in the morning session-four of them were receivers: linebacker Louis Green (left knee); guard Ben Hamilton (concussion); safety Quentin Harris (right knee); linebacker Warrick Holdman (spinal cord); tackle Matt Lepsis (groin); wide receiver Brandon Marshall (left thigh); wide receiver Glenn Martinez (right thigh); wide receiver Marquay McDaniel (left hamstring), and wide receiver Rod Smith (left hip).

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    John Lynch's comments on Wednesday are as follows ...

    On training camp

    "Truthfully, you're always looking forward to that opener but you understand that this is necessary. This is the opportunity we have to come together and put the pads. One of the big challenges of today is that you have a lot of new faces and putting the whole thing together. We know we got better, we know the management gave us all the tools and now we've got to go put it to work on the field."

    On the grind of camp

    "This is the grind, but it's how you deal with that. Some people kind of fade right now and the professionals get stronger and understand that yeah, it's tough but this is the time when you've got to be on your detail more than ever. We fortunately have a good team that understands that and comes out and most of the time we're have real good sharp practices and if we don't we start them over so you better have a good one."

    On describing Assistant Head Coach/Defense Jim Bates in one word

    "Passionate. He loves football and that shows out there and that's fun to play for a guy who is so passionate about the game. He's got a high energy level, it's really a joy. He really reminds me a lot of the guy I played for in Tampa, Monte Kiffin. They're both very passionate. They're both proven. I think everyone thinks of these great defensive coordinators that they're out-witting the opponent, and they do that but they believe more in just techniques and fundamentals and doing the little things right and if we can do that we know this defense works and we feel like we've really got the tools to make it work."

    On Bates being one of the best defensive coordinators in the league

    "Absolutely, and he has been for a long time and his work speaks for itself. Now it's our job. He's done it with the players there in Miami. We want to take it to another level."

    On S Hamza Abdullah

    "I think he's really one of the stars of camp thus far. He's a guy for a long time that we've seen has the physical tools to play the safety position, but the safety position is a real cerebral position. You're asked to do a lot of different things and so sometimes it takes a while and you can see it just clicked for him this year. You matched the mental part of it with the physical talent that he has and you put that together you've got a special player. I think he's got an opportunity to be a very special player in this league."

    On how the interaction with the crowd came about

    "We were just having fun with the fans down there. You're trying to focus on practice but you don't want to ignore the fans because they come out here to support you, so we thought we'd just have a little fun with them."

    On if he can bench press more weight than Broncos P Todd Sauerbrun

    "Probably not. Maybe I can out-bench him, but I know I can't out-bicep curl him because I think that's all he does over there. He just goes and works those bi's out there. (He is a) different looking punter, but I've played against Todd since he first played in the league with the Bears and we had a pretty good punt return guy, Karl Williams, but if he ever broke through there, 'Boom' (Sauerbrun) would just go hunt him down. I think when Boom came out, I think he ran a 4.5 so he's a pretty good athlete."

    On needing biceps as a punter

    "No, not really. It looks good on TV though. That's his philosophy."

    On seeing RB Travis Henry run against someone other than him

    "I am really looking forward to it. You can see why, studying him a little bit, one of the neat statistics about him is that he gets better as time goes on in games. Someone told me yesterday that his 11-20 carry average throughout his career is much higher than his 0-10 and you can see why. He wears you out, he doesn't give you a big surface to hit, he's low to the ground, he's powerful, he's got the speed to and when you put that all together, you've got a real good back and it's going to be fun to watch him in this scheme."

    On how much better the offense looked Wednesday than Tuesday

    "They looked good. We took the pads off today. it's always a little sharper and crisper when you know how to practice that way and that's one of the things that we've been good at. We started a little slow today then we picked it up and had a real good practice."

    On if he watched the Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony

    "I didn't get a chance to watch it, but I saw clips of (Michael) Irvin's speech and Thurman Thomas'. I think they both did a great job."

    On if he thinks about his speech should he be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame

    "No, not really. My first year I had the opportunity to go over and watch the Hall of Fame speech. It just shows you how special this league is. It just makes you want to win championships because that's the common thread with all those people. Although Thurman never won one, they were there four times and it makes you want to do that. It makes you want to win."

    Mike Shanahan's comments on Wednesday are as follows ...

    On the tight ends playing well in the goal line period

    "Well it's always good. We've got a few tight ends right now, and I think we've got seven on the depth chart. Tony (Scheffler) is the only guy that really didn't practice the whole practice. Chad (Mustard) came back and we just got a lot of reps in there today we did some personnel groups of tight ends, so it was a good practice for them."

    On the intensity of camp wearing players down

    "We've got all the installation on offense and defense, so I think they're a little relieved about that, but now we go run the same thing with different personnel groups, so that puts a lot of pressure on them mentally. But it's something that you need to do, especially in the first couple of weeks. You've got a lot of guys with some bumps and bruises, a lot of guys that are tired, a couple guys that are injured, but you've got to work through it. That's what camp is for, and we're getting a lot of good work done."

    On his plans and expectations as camp wraps up

    "We've got a plan right from the start of what we try to get in. We try to put the players in certain situations, with the red zone as you saw today, different personnel groupings, as you saw, two minutes sometimes against the three-wide receiver sets, sometimes with the base sets. Yesterday, we did a little bit of no huddle, so the next three days will be trying to put all those things in that we've been working on the last two days and do a little bit better."

    On varying the practice routine

    "There's a lot of things to cover in a couple-week time period, so what you try to do is put these guys in as many situations as you can. You're dealing with third down and short yardage, goal line, red zone. You're dealing with third down, different situations, protection, three-man fronts, four-man fronts, especially with these young guys that haven't faced it. Quarterbacks have to react like that. They have to know what's going on in all situations, so to put them through that as many times as you can in the preseason gives them a chance once you get to the season for it to become automatic and you don't have to think."

    On QB Patrick Ramsey

    "He's exceptionally bright. Normally a guy coming in the first year can't even get you out of the huddle with everything that's thrown at them. He picks things up very quickly. If you watch him out there he's just getting better and better. I'm sure glad to have him on our football team."

    On memories of his time coaching in San Francisco from 1992-94

    "You know it's been a while ago. It's been 13 years. We had a three-year run there that was pretty good obviously with the last year being the best, so you know you always go back to those memories. I've spent some time with those guys and made it happen everyone once in awhile, so that's always special, but as I said that's been a while back."

    On DT Sam Adams

    "Well, there are a lot of big guys that can't play. He's got great quickness. He's got football instincts and the main thing we've got to make is sure of is that he is healthy. We've got to get him in football shape because we know he can play the game. We've don't want to overdo it on his knees because he's had arthroscopic surgery, he's obviously had some problem with the knees, so we want to get him in football shape and that's not always just banging them every day. What we try to do is practice him one day. The next day he gets in there and lifts weights, he runs, he pushes a sled, gets on the treadmill, gets on the step master, and then the next day we bring him back with football. I think if we do that then we've got a chance once we do start the season that he'll be feeling pretty good. I just don't want to send him back with an injury."

    On mixing newly acquired players in with Bronco veterans

    "One of the advantages of having the OTA's is we actually got through the installation package for two weeks in a row. The hard part is the language. You know football is very similar, but the terminology sometimes changes, so to do that for two weeks and then go through a training camp they don't have to worry about the terminology. They don't have to think—They can actually react and to have guys with their experience, it usually doesn't take them very long to pick it up. So with Daniel (Graham) and Travis (Henry), they've picked up things very quickly even though there's still a learning curve compared to a rookie coming in."


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      On S Hamza Abdullah

      "I think he's really one of the stars of camp thus far. He's a guy for a long time that we've seen has the physical tools to play the safety position, but the safety position is a real cerebral position. You're asked to do a lot of different things and so sometimes it takes a while and you can see it just clicked for him this year. You matched the mental part of it with the physical talent that he has and you put that together you've got a special player. I think he's got an opportunity to be a very special player in this league."

      Thats really nice coming form John it gives hope into not looking for a Safety to early in the draft next year.


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        My only regret, Skinny, is that I can't add another CP to the one I gave you earlier today.

        Thanks for that.



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          Skinny as always thanks for the read.
          John 11: 25-27

          My Adopt-A-Bronco is D.J. Williams

          Thanks Snk16