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    Broncos's RB Damien Nash Collapses, Dies
    (CBS4) ST. LOUIS CBS4's Gary Miller is reporting that Broncos' running back Damien Nash has died after collapsing at a charity basketball game in St. Louis.

    Nash was a second-year running back who joined the Broncos as a free agent on Aug. 3, 2006. He played in three games with the Titans as a rookie.

    According to the web site, the celebrity basketball game featured nine NFL players and took place at Riverview Gardens High School in St. Louis.

    The proceeds of the event were to benefit the Darris Nash Find A Heart Foundation, which raises money for heart transplant research. Darris Nash, 25, is the older brother of Damien Nash, who was a standout running back at Riverview and East St. Louis.

    Damien Nash played at Missouri. The foundation was created last month, after Darris Nash received a heart transplant.

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    By Jeff Legwold, Rocky Mountain News
    February 24, 2007
    Broncos running back Damien Nash collapsed and died after a charity basketball game in St. Louis Saturday, Broncos officials confirmed.
    Owner Pat Bowlen, coach Mike Shanahan and general manager Ted Sundquist were informed of Nash's death early Saturday evening. They were told Nash had played in a celebrity basketball game at Riverview Gardens High School in suburban St. Louis and collapsed shortly after the game.

    Nash was pronounced dead at a St. Louis-area hospital at 5:40 p.m. Mountain time. Other details were not yet available. Nash was 24.

    Sundquist and Shanahan were at the NFL's scouting combine in Indianapolis and could not be reached for comment.

    The game, in a notice published in St. Louis this past week, was to benefit The Darris Nash Find A Heart Foundation, which is an organization started in January to raise money for heart transplant research.

    Darris Nash, 25, Damien's older brother, received a heart transplant in January.

    The game was also scheduled to include former Missouri quarterback Brad Smith and former Missouri and current Bears wide receiver Justin Gage.

    Nash is the second Broncos player to die in the past two months. Cornerback Darrent Williams was shot and killed early New Year's Day.

    Nash was signed by the Broncos early this past season after he had been released by the Tennessee Titans. He playing in three games, rushing for 98 yards on 24 carries.


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      So I guess the heart condition is in the family, this really sucks.


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        Denver Broncos reserve tailback Damien Nash collapsed and died Saturday evening after an appearance in a charity basketball game in St. Louis.

        Nash, a two-year NFL veteran, was 24.

        Agent David Canter confirmed his client's death, as did Denver team officials.

        Canter, who is attending the annual NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis, was first contacted by earlier in the evening, after received reports of Nash's death from people close to other players who had participated in the basketball game. While he was on the phone with, Canter, who was unaware of the incident, received a call from Denver officials confirming Nash's death.

        "It's true," said an obviously distraught Canter. "It's true. I don't know what more to say right now, OK?"

        Details of the incident were not yet available, and an official with the St. Louis police said an investigation was in its "very earliest" stages.

        The proceeds of the event were to benefit the Darris Nash Find A Heart Foundation, which raises money for heart transplant research. The foundation was created last month after Darris Nash, 25, the older brother of Damien Nash, received a heart transplant.

        A former University of Missouri standout, Nash entered the NFL as a fifth-round choice of the Tennessee Titans in 2005. He played three games with the Titans as a rookie, and then signed with Denver as a free agent last August. In his one season in Denver, he appeared in three games, rushing 18 times for 66 yards.

        Nash is the second Broncos' player to die since the end of the 2006 season. Two-year veteran cornerback Darrent Williams was shot to death in a limousine after leaving a Denver-area nightclub on Jan. 1.


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          This has been a real bad offseason. I just came by to send my condolences & hopefully Nash is in a better place with Darrent Williams.


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            We need the News Updates.

            So ehre is a bump.
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              Unfortunately there may not be too many news updates, until they can determine the cause of death.

              It would be ironic if he died of a heart problem, after playing a game involving a heart transpant charity.

              Condolences go out to his family and friends.
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                Prayers go out to his family and friends


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                  ST. LOUIS (AP) -- Damien Nash had just come home from a charity basketball game he'd organized in his brother's honor when he collapsed in front of his wife and 7-month-old girl.

                  The Denver Broncos running back died Saturday and the cause remained unclear Sunday, but his grieving mother knows what she must do.

                  After one son's death and a heart ailment that caused another son to require a transplant last year, Kim Nash is taking her daughter to a cardiologist next week.

                  "My son," she told The Associated Press amid sobs, "is giving me the strength right now to talk."

                  Damien Nash collapsed in his suburban St. Louis home after returning by limousine with his wife, Judy Nash, and their daughter from a game at his high school to benefit The Darris Nash Find a Heart Foundation. The organization raises money for heart transplant research.

                  The 24-year-old player was taken by ambulance to Christian Hospital Northeast, where he was pronounced dead. The hospital's nursing supervisor, Maria St. George, told the AP the hospital dispatched an ambulance as soon as it received the call.

                  The St. Louis County medical examiner's office said results of an autopsy scheduled for Sunday may not be known for days.

                  Dr. Gregory Ewald, a cardiologist, treated 25-year-old Darris Nash and said he had a weakened heart muscle condition known as dilated cardiomyopathy. The ailment can be caused by a viral infection, inflammation or other causes. Darris Nash became so ill he needed a mechanical device to support his circulation until he could get a transplant, he said.

                  Ewald said some cardiomyopathy conditions run in families. He said he never met Damien Nash, but "the fact that Damien was doing high-level athletics may indicate that was not the problem."

                  The death comes less than two months after the still unsolved slaying of Broncos teammate Darrent Williams. Damien Nash's agent, David Canter, said the Broncos were trying to contact teammates, who have scattered for the offseason. Funeral arrangements were not yet set.

                  Canter told the AP that Nash had four physicals since 2004 and was in good health. He said the Broncos planned their own investigation.

                  Canter said Nash had been ecstatic last week organizing the charity game. His client's high school coach, Darren Sunkett, said Nash had invited some NFL players from the St. Louis area and some former University of Missouri players. He was talking to a cousin when he collapsed.

                  The agent said dozens of family members had gathered at Nash's house for a celebration or were en route when he died. Judy Nash, he said, recalled that her husband hadn't been drinking or partying, adding that "all he cares about is his daughter and this event."

                  Canter said Nash's friends and family take comfort in knowing that in his last moments he was surrounded by "every single person that loves him, that he loved and that loved him back."

                  Sunkett, whom Nash followed from Riverview Gardens High School in suburban St. Louis to East St. Louis (Ill.) High School, added: "He was a very humble, bright kid, always funny and enthusiastic. ... You couldn't dislike him."

                  A fifth-round draft choice by Tennessee in 2005, Nash played in three games for the Titans. The Broncos signed him as a free agent last season. He played in three games, rushing for 66 yards on 18 carries. In his two-year career, he had 24 carries for 98 yards and seven receptions for 55 yards.

                  Missouri coach Gary Pinkel said the Tigers were in shock over Nash's death, which happened less than two years after Missouri football player Aaron O'Neal died during summer workouts in 2005.

                  News of Nash's death spread quickly to Coffeyville Community College in Kansas, the school he attended before heading to Missouri.

                  "They don't make them no better than Damien," Coffeyville running backs coach ****ie Rolls said. "He was such a competitor."


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                    Thanks for the update!

                    There are two kinds of teams in the AFCW; The losers and the Broncos!!!

                    I Support our Troops!
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                      My condolences to everyone whose life was touched by Damien Nash.

                      This has got to be a really hard offseason for the Broncos.

                      They're your teammates, now.
                      Best of luck, TT!
                      ...Always a class act - in any uniform.

                      sbutk: i can see why Denver is taking TO's right now [trailing by 7, with 30 seconds left in the half]. but why Oakland???

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                        New Article

                        Posted today on the Denver Post..

                        Indianapolis - The weekend was supposed to be one of celebration for the Nash family. Suddenly, the joy and triumph Saturday morphed into shock, devastation and confusion.
                        "The Nashes were so happy on Saturday," said Nash's agent, David Canter, on Sunday. "Now all there are is a lot of questions. Questions are all you have when a healthy 24-year-old athlete dies a sudden death."
                        The Nash family will have to await further tests after the preliminary autopsy performed on the backup Broncos running back was inconclusive, Canter said. Toxicology results likely will take weeks, and the St. Louis County medical examiner told The Associated Press he has asked for a forensic pathologist who specializes in hearts to look at Nash's.
                        Nash was pronounced dead at 6:41 p.m. local time Saturday after collapsing at his family's house. He had just come from a charity basketball game he was hosting in suburban St. Louis.
                        Christian Hospital supervisor Maria St. George said Sunday that ambulances were dispatched from the hospital at 5:48 p.m. and arrived at the scene at 5:57 p.m. Medical care was administered at the scene until 6:25 p.m., and Nash was then transported to the hospital, arriving at 6:32 p.m., she said.
                        "That is a great response time," St. George said.
                        The event Nash hosted was to benefit his older brother Darris, 25, who recently had a heart transplant. Darris Nash first realized he had a heart defect after collapsing while playing basketball two years ago, Canter said Sunday.
                        Damien Nash played only "about 10 minutes" of basketball Saturday, Canter said. According to Canter, Nash spent most of the game, which was attended by Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall, greeting and talking to people.
                        Witnesses said Nash appeared happy and healthy and holding his 7-month-old daughter, Phaith, at the event which was at his old high school, Riverview Gardens.
                        Canter said Nash's wife, Judy White-Nash, told him Nash was fine as the family drove to his home in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson in a limousine for a family party. She said Nash was "giggling" with their daughter during the drive, Canter said, and family members said Nash was "joking around" with a cousin when he collapsed.
                        "Damien's mother (Kimberly) stressed that she wanted everyone to know that Damien was surrounded by every single person who loved him when he died," Canter said. "That was important to her."
                        Nash's death was the second time in 54 days that tragedy struck the Broncos. In the early hours of Jan. 1, right cornerback Darrent Williams was killed in a drive-by shooting in downtown Denver. That case is still being investigated. Williams was riding in a limousine after attending a New Year's Eve party.
                        Team members were shaken Sunday at the news of another death on the 53-man roster.
                        "It's just unbelievable that this has happened twice," assistant head coach Mike Heimer- dinger said.
                        Team officials were huddled Sunday at Dove Valley to help support the Nash family. Canter said funeral arrangements are pending, but the service will be held at the Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church in St. Louis later this week. A Broncos contingent is expected to attend.
                        Canter said the Nash family will seek legal counsel to help investigate the occurrences of Saturday night. While he did say the family is emotional,

                        Damien Nash tries to break a tackle in a preseason game against Tennessee last Aug. 19. (Post / John Leyba)he said the family thought the response time from the ambulance was extensive. Canter said he was unaware if anyone had tried to perform CPR on Nash before paramedics arrived.
                        Broncos officials have said there was no evidence Nash had any prior medical issues. Canter estimated Nash has had at least four physicals in the past two years. Nash was drafted by Tennessee in 2005.
                        "We know how complete these physicals are," Canter said. "Something was the matter, but we don't know what it is. You'd think something would have been detected."
                        Canter said he respects NFL physicals and doesn't know if more has to be done to detect heart problems. Canter said the Broncos are looking into the details of Canter's death to help find answers for the family.
                        Nash had some minor weight issues while with the Titans, but the 5-foot-10, 220-pound player had no issues with Denver.
                        Because of the sudden death and the fact Nash didn't overly exert himself during the charity game, Canter asked the family if Nash was drinking alcohol Saturday.
                        "His wife told me he never drinks," Canter said. "Damien was a clean guy."
                        In addition to his wife, daughter, mother and brother, Nash is survived by his father, Darnell Parsons, his sister, Danell King, and half brother, James.
                        "This was one of the happiest weeks of Damien's life," Canter said. "I talked to him about 20 times. He was looking forward to helping his brother. ... I'm just shocked."

                        Nash timeline
                        Aug. 3, 2006: Nash is signed by the Broncos after being released by the Tennessee Titans early in training camp.
                        Aug. 19: In a preseason game against Tennessee, Nash rushes for 72 yards on 14 carries and one touchdown.
                        Sept. 2: Nash is waived by the Broncos, but is added to the practice squad the next day.
                        Nov. 11: Following injuries to Tatum Bell and Cedric Cobbs, Broncos promote Nash from their practice squad to the active roster.
                        Nov. 19: Nash has his best game in the NFL with 52 yards on 10 carries during a 35-27 loss to the San Diego Chargers.
                        Nov. 23: Rushes four times for zero yards and catches a 5-yard pass against Kansas City on Thanksgiving and doesn't play again.
                        Jan. 6, 2007: Along with his Broncos teammates, Nash attends the funeral of cornerback Darrent Williams, who was slain Jan. 1 in downtown Denver.
                        Feb. 24: Nash hosts an afternoon charity basketball game at Riverview Gardens High School, which he attended until transferring before his senior year. The game benefited the Darris Nash Find a Heart Foundation, which raises money for heart transplant research. Lee Baker, a participant in the event, said Nash hit four 3-pointers in the game.
                        Approximately 5 p.m. CST: Following the event, Nash, who barely played in the game, according to agent Scott Canter, rode home in a limousine with his wife and 7-month-old daughter. Minutes after returning home, Nash collapsed while in a room talking with a cousin "Bobo." An ambulance takes him to Christian Hospital.
                        6:41 p.m. CST: Nash is pronounced dead.


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                          I am so thankful that Damien enjoyed the days before his death, and that he did not suffer.

                          Nash's Agent Remembers Bronco's Final Days
                          By Andrew Mason,
                          (CBS4/ INDIANAPOLIS The final week of Damien Nash's life saw the Broncos' running back witness the realization of a dream.

                          It was a charity basketball game to benefit a heart-transplant foundation named in honor of his brother, Darris, who underwent a life-saving transplant within the past year. The event cemented Nash's desire to be more than just a football player, but to contribute and be devoted to the world at large, beginning with his family.

                          "We probably talked 20 times (in the week) leading up to the event," said Nash's agent, David Canter. "He was the happiest I've ever heard him."

                          Nash passed away Saturday in the hours following the basketball game, which was held at Riverview Gardens High School on the north side of the St. Louis metropolitan area. Nash attended the school for three years before spending his senior year a few miles southeast at East St. Louis (Ill.) High School.

                          "He spent very little time actually playing; most of the time he was socializing with his friends," Canter said. "He played, got in the limousine with his wife and his daughter. He drove home and was in the other room speaking with one of his cousins and collapsed and fell down."

                          Nash was pronounced dead at Christian Hospital in St. Louis at 6:41 p.m. CST on Saturday.

                          "The one thing that his mother wanted me to say to (the media) is that he was literally surrounded by every single person that loved him and that he loved from his family," Canter said at the Indiana Convention Center on Sunday.

                          Between "75 and 150" family members were with Nash in his final hours, Canter said.

                          Canter added that Nash was also giddy about his future with the Broncos, a future that was tragically truncated when he collapsed and died Saturday in St. Louis.

                          "At the end of the season, I told him about a conversation I had with (General Manager) Ted Sundquist and (Head Coach) Mike (Shanahan in January), about what their expectations were for him and what he needed to do to get ready for the football season," Canter said. "At the end of the year, we signed another year onto his contract, the exclusive(-rights) year, because he was only on a one-year deal with Denver. He was tremendously excited about the opportunity.

                          "He'd just gotten married; he'd just had a baby in April of last year. His wife's tremendous; his daughter's seven months old. He's just a great guy. If you look at any pictures of Damien outside of the football field, he's got a huge smile on his face. (He was) a real happy-go-lucky young man.

                          "He had his whole life ahead of him. It hasn't hit us."

                          Canter's association with Nash dates back to the months preceding the 2005 NFL Draft, which saw the Tennessee Titans use a fifth-round pick on the former University of Missouri tailback.

                          "He was like my kid," Canter said. "I've dealt with him through his highest high -- getting drafted -- and his lowest low when he was released by the Titans. Another highest high was signing with Denver, then having the big preseason game (against the Titans on Aug. 19, 2006) and then getting to contribute this year and having great expectations."

                          Nash's death hit the Broncos hard, particularly fullback Cecil Sapp, who shared not only an agent with Nash, but a burgeoning friendship, as well. The four-year veteran took Nash under his wing when he joined the team last summer.

                          "There was a lot of talk amongst us that, 'Hey, it's going to be great -- in a year or two Cecil's going to be the fullback and Damien's going to be the starting tailback and they'd both be represented by the same guy," Canter said.

                          "Cecil's scheduled for surgery Monday on leg to get screws removed and he was (distraught) when he heard the news," Canter continued. "It's been a rough night for all of us."

                          Nash is survived by his wife, Judy, and a seven-month-old daughter, Phaith Ja'zaih, as well as numerous siblings and extended family.

                          Funeral arrangements are still pending, but the service will be conducted at the Friendly Temple M.B. Church in St. Louis.

                          Thanks to Bronco4Life and Medford Bronco for signature

                          Rest in Peace - Darrent (27) and Damien (29


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                            My heart hurts for his family. Especially his baby. She will never know what a wonderful man her daddy was.


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                              He died in front of his wife and daughter?


                              I have tears in my eyes right now.

                              That is so sad.

                              Everybody's gotta elevate from the norm...

                              The greatest list of music I don't own on CD :sad:
                              You should check these guys out