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Condolences from Darrent Williams' Family

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    Another Loss for the Broncos....

    I am once agian sad to hear that another Bronco has met his fate too early. Both of these players were up and coming athletes, that would have contributed to the Broncos this season. I hope that all the players and fans don't forget these guys. Let's go win Super Bowl XLII for Darrent Williams (D' dub') and Damien Nash (Nashville)....Go Broncos.....Don't forget the loss win it for your fallen comrades. RIP Broncos, we all suffer through this together...God has one hell of a football team now.


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      Originally posted by 27'sKinfolk
      To the Nash Family & Friends, the Bronco Organization, & Bronco Fans:

      On behalf of the family of Darrent Williams, please accept our heartfelt sympathy and our prayers. We learned of Damien's death this morning as we prepared for Church and our hearts were filled with the familiar pain of grief and sorrow. However, we do find comfort in knowing that "to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord."

      To the family, as we pray and ask for strength for our own family, we will definitely lift you up in prayer as well. For it is the quiet time, the time when everyone else has gone back to their normal lives, that you will need God's strength the most. I pray that you find comfort in knowing that you are not alone and that you are in the hearts, thoughts, and prayers of many.

      To our second family, the Bronco organization and fans, Damien and Dee were very blessed to be apart of such an awesome organization. We pray for your strength and courage during this most difficult time. Take this time to lean on each other. I've always heard that it is how you handle yourself during the storm that shows your true character. The Broncos have the hearts of champions and we will endure this storm together. You are forever in our hearts and in our thoughts. I just saw a thread that brought tears to my eyes (again), it simply read 'Darrent, take care of Nash!' I can envision Dee welcoming Damien home and now the Bronco's have two special angels watching over them. Continue to pray for our family, as we pray for you.

      Again accept our heartfelt condolences, love, and prayers on behalf of Aunt Rosalind and the entire family of Darrent Williams.
      Very eloquent post!! You are a very well spoken poster and everytime I read one of your posts it brings tears to my eyes

      Continue to stay strong and please know that I along with all of the Bronco faithful are still praying for Darrent and miss him terribly....

      Damien Nash has a great group of people surronding him in heaven and one of his very closest friends was there to great him at the pearly gates....

      Darrent and Damien are now watching down upon the rest of us and as hard and as it is to come to terms with the loss of a young mans life at such an early age - both Darrent and Damien are in much better hands now that they are in the presence of the Lord....

      R.I.P. #27 & #29
      I owe CP's to: no one


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        God bless both families.

        RIP Williams & Nash...


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          God bless y'all. I'm praying for y'all too.
          Darrent Williams Tribute Video


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            God Bless both the Nash and the Williams families.

            You will all be forever remembered.
            God Bless D. Williams and D. Nash. May their family and friends find peace in knowing that they were both truly loved by all. And they shall never be forgotten.