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Darrent Williams Appreciation thread!

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  • Originally posted by Elway1983
    They just showed a picture of him on ESPNNEWS and he looked like a total thug. Couldn't they have gotten a better picture, people might look at him now and say well he looks like a gangster so he is one. I don't like that picture.
    That was who he was and no one could change that except him.


    • Rest in peace young man. You are sadly missed.


      • His performance has nothing to do with his death. People can say all the things they want about the way he played and still be upset that he passed on. I can't stand gutless mother****ers who don't have the pills to do things like a man...instead they have to drive by with their "Tek 9" or "Mack 10" and do things like a *****.
        Originally posted by Soldier96B
        i also took a crap and it was orange


        • A shock for sure when I woke up.

          He'll be missed greatly -- just a fun person, and from everything I've seen, an individual interested in the community and kids.

          To any friends or family of his, deepest condolances. I hope that you find personal healing in this time of pain, and remember most all the good things and fun times.

          Once again, he'll be missed by us all.
          Always a Broncos fan.


          • just learned from my mom what happend this is horrible im in shock

            R.I.P. Darrent Williams
            Kyle Orton Army #184


            • What a terrible and senseless act, I hope they catch the bastards responsible for this.

              Just kind of hit me in the gut, "what the hell just happened?"

              I don't know what to say right now, i'm just in shock. I can't beleive something like that could happen. He was a bright spot on this team, he will be truly missed, as a person, a player, and a friend I am sure.

              RIP DWill, we will miss you


              • Sad in Shreveport

                I am just so saddened by this LOSS!!! I don't know how to express my feelings about this situation!!! This is a great loss to the Bronco family as well as the Williams family. My prayers not only are out for Darrent's family but the other two individuals families as well. Keep focused on JESUS!!!!!


                • Said it multiple times already who would do this??

                  DWill from my family to yours our thoughts and prayers are with you each. You will be missed were a hell of a ball player and coming into your own!!
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                  Formerly Bell&Smith'05
                  Formerly CutlerEra


                  • Originally posted by CB123
                    Great post... gah, it's going to take a while to recover from this big loss.
                    I know, its ridiculous!!!!! He was so young and was becoming a great corner! hate it!


                    • This really makes me sick that some people can do this to people the world today is hard enough without shootings and murder. God bless Darrent Williams and his family. And to whoever did this the broncos community and fans hope you get what you deserve for taking someones life away from them.
                      R.I.P. Darrent Williams and Damien Nash
                      Broncos country will miss both of you


                      • I am ....devastated...

                        DWill was so full of life and fun and energy-- I cannot believe this has happened.

                        I feel for his famliy and all his friends on the Broncos, especially Fergie, Champ and Foxy. I am so sad for all of his fans in Bronco Country....He didn't deserve to die like this. He deserved to live a long happy life and tell his grandkids football stories.

                        This is a tragedy.
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                        #TEBOWDOMINATES...Love Orange and Blue Gators and Broncos!

                        Jake Plummer will always be my #1 Quarterback!!!!!


                        • R.I.P Darrent Williams

                          When i heard the news I cried like it was a member of my family. God rest his soul and bless him and his family. Next Season is for Darrent!!! He was only on the team a short while but his impact was felt immediately. He was a warrior and considering they threw the ball at him every single time he did a great job!!! My favorite quote from Darrent was after he intercepted a pass against I think Seatle he said "Yeah Keep on Picking on me" That was classic !!!We will miss you Darrent Williams our future pro bowl cornerback.


                          • Darrent Williams, We'll miss you

                            This is terrible, I will miss Darrent Williams. Great player, my condolences go to his family, friends, and you guys, this is horrible, I can only hope the scum who did it are caught, and brought to justice. There is nothing to really fix it though. Justice can be the most positive thing to occur right now.

                            R.I.P Darrent Williams 1982-2007


                            • Originally posted by speardog

                              He would have been a great Bronco.

                              I wish all athletes would just stay away from these night clubs. They are dangerous and full of people that are jealous at what you have.
                              I agree totally. Nightclubs full of negative energies anyway. People don't give a dayum they'll shoot you over a little thing as a simple argument.
                              Go Steelers!


                              • Tht video of his rookie season on U, what an sudden impact he was on the franchise. I couldn't wait to see him in a couple years, opposite Champ. In two years D Will became one of my favorite NFL players, and, I have to admit, it hurt pretty bad finding out what happened. It still hurts. A guy I never even met, but, being such a big Broncos fan, words just can't explain...