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Darrent Williams Appreciation thread!

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  • very sorry

    Hey Denver fans,

    I'm raddog john from KC, and I just wanted to tell you I'm really sorry for the tragedy that's happened to one of the fine young players on your team.

    DW had a great future ahead of him, and for his life to end in such a pointless act of apparent indiscriminate, senseless violence is a terrible, terrible thing.

    I feel for his family and for the fans of Denver as these events are so needless, so confusing, and so painful.

    I'm really sorry this happened to a member of your team.


    - john


    • extremely sad

      I am so horribly sick about this. He played on my college alma mater team in Oklahoma State University, where I watched him play live on a few occasions when stationed in Oklahoma. I was elated when the Broncos picked him to play along on the same team with another alum- Tatum Bell.
      This morning in Korea I wake up to this news. I cannot believe such a horrible thing has happend to a wonderful person


      • hey...another charger fan here to give my condolences to the Williams' family, the broncos organization, and all broncos fans in general. such a sad sad tragedy. I realize we get all caught up on "hating" on each other's teams and fans...but there are truly things that matter, like how we actually treat each other as human beings. Its such a sad thing to see someone had to take it this far and do such harm to another person.

        lets all take this time to remember to treat each other a little better. life is just too short sometimes.


        • horrible news

          i did not want to post anything on this subject today for fear of too much emotion. i however would be remorse if i did not speak my mind a little. i awoke early this morning flipped on the tv to fox news. the next thing i see is a quick story on the events of earlier this morning. i was stunned, and had to do a double take because i just could not believe what i was hearing.

          after a three hour drive from idaho to my home here in salt lake, i sit here with my two children ages four and two. i can't help but to think about DWills family. they,even more so than many of us, are surely heart-broken. only twenty-four years old, a bright future ahead of him, its a shame he was lost this way and so soon.

          i know im just some poor shlub of a bronco fan, but i feel very down today. i can't stop thinking of it. how could someone do something so senseless is beyond me. i will hope and pray for the best for DWill's family and just hope that they can be comforted somewhat knowing that all of us fans are praying for them.

          i know this is a little corny, but i put on my bronco gear this morning, although i never wear my gear immedietly after a loss, in honor of Darrent Williams.

          Dennis Smith/ my all-time favorite Denver Bronco.

          props to Snk16 for the sig!


          • I've watched DW since his days at Okie State. I didn't believe the news when I first heard this morning. It hasn't been a very happy new year for me. I've been crying on and off all day wearing my Oklahoma State sweatshirt. I bought my DW jersey not long after he started with the Broncos last season, I searched all over to find it. It is such a tragedy to lose such a young, talented player. He always seemed so full of life and energy. He will be greatly missed. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and the players.


            • RIP Darrent

              I am an Eagles fan and I can't imagine if someone on the Eagles was killed. I feel for all of you Broncos fans.

              And I offer my condolences to the Williams family.

              R.I.P. D-Will


              • I'm a life long Chiefs fan but this goes way beyond any kind of a rivalry thing, its so sad that anyone is shot but especially so for someone killed so young with his career and life still in front of him.

                RIP Darrent Williams
                Go Chiefs Go


                • RIP Darrent Williams

                  Sig by PsychoZombie


                  • Pest in Peace Darrent Willaims you will be missed dearly


                    • I still can't beleive this it's just horrible

                      R.I.P. Darrent Williams

                      R.I.P Darrent Williams

                      R.I.P Damien Nash


                      • I am so saddened by the news I woke up to this morning. Such a great talent that was taken from us way too soon. I have some pictures of Darrent that I took at a game this year. I want to share them with all of his fans. I will post more later.

                        Rest in Peace


                        • Darrent Williams Appreciation thread!

                          From a 49ers fan, i'm sending my thoughts, prayers and condolences to the Williams family, friends and broncos organization. This is just so sick, sad and tragic especially for someone who's so young.


                          • God Must Have Needed A Great Cornerback!

                            We will never forget you! Thank you for being a Bronco, Thank you for being so fun to watch every week, We Love you, Play on in heaven #27!


                            • Rest in peace Darrent Williams.


                              • This is horrible, but you know whats weird
                                last year, denver played 49ers, we won and their player
                                died a few hours after the game, and now denver played
                                them and they won and a denver player died few hours after the game
                                RIP Darrent, i will miss you
                                "Take all you can from me"