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Darrent Williams Appreciation thread!

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  • Another sad fan

    As a lifelong fan here in Oklahoma, I got the chance to watch Darrent every since his days here at Oklahoma State University. I cannot believe that something as senseless as this occurs on a daily basis. What great talent and entusiasim he brought to the field and team. I just got doem reading the story about his service and tears started to flow. May his soul rest in peace and all the good that he stood for while here with us will live on. My family condolences and sympothy go out to his childern, mother and the Broncos family. RIP D WILL


    • Originally posted by BaileyTheBest
      Ya know, I just noticed the other day that Darrent and I were both born on September 27. That's pretty cool to share that with him.
      I actually have a few friends born that day too.
      RIP Darrent Williams
      Heaven Gained A Shutdown Corner


      • Darrent, Bronco Nation will never forget all of the good you did for us. Thank you for the two years of your life you spent with us.
        RIP Darrent Williams
        Heaven Gained A Shutdown Corner


        • RIP Darrent. I live in Saskatchewan and my dream is to someday cheer on the broncos at mile high stadium, watching all my favorite players, including darrent, what he lacked in size, he made up for in pure talent and heart, your soul and memories will live on in all of us fans here.
          Here's hoping Champ gets into the Hall First Ballot. He deserves it!


          • Even after more than a week, it still seems impossible to believe that Darrent is gone. I hope his family can take some consolation from knowing how much his teammates, coaches and all Bronco fans loved and admired him.


            • Great Tribute Video...

              Sorry guys (and gals)...I just posted this under the news thread, and I should have posted it here.

              This link was posted last night, but for those of you who haven't "ALL READY" seen it, it's awesome, and it really made me feel better. R Kelley's "You're the Greatest" (I think that's the title) accompanies the video...very upbeat and inspiring!

              Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

              RIP D-Will...We love you and miss you!!!


              • I finished early ...

                Just saw the clip on CBS 4 Denver where Kyle and John talk about the funeral. That poem was amazing, so thought I would repost.

                I had a lot to do
                More than most of you
                Yet, you wonder why I left,
                I finished early...

                I started on time
                I put in a full day's work
                But I finished early..

                You thought my road would be a long one
                But I did run the race
                I just finished early..
                By measure of man's time,
                Not God's own time
                You look at the years
                But I did all I was sent to do.
                I just finished early...

                With God it counts not at all
                How long, how brief, how great or how small
                He looks for a ready heart
                I just finished early...

                We miss ya DWill - it's been 10 days and the pain is still as real as ever. Hopefully Javon can find a way to push on. I know that Broncomania has his back all the way.


                • R.i.p Ill Miss U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  Originally posted by Morambar
                  If it's true... I don't know what to say. Thoughts and prayers are with his family and the team. Horrible.
                  my prayers go out to his family too....bless all of you....u raised a great football player and im sure a wonderful son


                  • Darrent Williams-In Memoriam

                    Darrent was a little dude who played with a huge heart. Too soon gone, and one more sensless killing on planet earth. Prayers to his family and friends for peace and comfort! He will be missed!
                    "It could be awhile before I see Doctor Death; so it would sure be nice if I could get my breath. Well I'm not the whining or the crying kind, 'til I hear the whistle of the 309" jr cash


                    • Originally posted by JayCutler4MVP!!!

                      thats HORRIBLE!!
                      holy cow!
                      ive never felt this bad b4!
                      wow this is awfuL!

                      i was PRAYING it was a sick joke and wanting u banned
                      damn this sucks!

                      i just turned to Channel 4!
                      y do i have to go to bed ona Bad note!
                      I LOVED DARRENT!

                      im sorry for saying anything bad about you!


                      Havnt posted in this thread in a while but i think that was my first post when i found out he died^

                      i was just getting ready to go to bed and i saw a thread about: HORRIBLE News in Broncos country!

                      figured it was another negative article about our loss But wow!

                      im still shocked
                      This ones gooing to hurt forever

                      RIP D-will


                      • RIP DWILL, may you forever Rest in peace


                        • Scary things

                          Just hours after i had heard of Darrents passing, i went downstairs to set a tape to record a tv show, rewinding through a taped Broncos game, my mom pressed play at a random point to see where we were, and it was right on an interception by Darrent, saving a touchdown. Darrent touched the lives of so many, and it's too bad that the Bronco nation had to feel loss again with Nash's death, my thoughts and feelings go out to both their families at this time.