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Darrent Williams Appreciation thread!

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    D. Williams


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      Rip you were a great player in peace hears a sig i made a few mins ago.
      Thanks Blondie for the Sig


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        I was just about to go to bed when i saw it on the news. Its such a shock.

        I always enjoyed seeing him and Champ having fun bringing INT's back for TD's and breaking up passes. Im going to miss seeing that next season.

        RIP mate.
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          Originally posted by billymischke_33

          i was looking for a crazy picture of his hair, but couldnt find it.. weel miss you Darrent!
          Here is a pic:


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            RIP D Will.

            This offseason will not be fun at all. Just knowing that someone will have to play in his place just wont feel right.


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              Who Says I dont some what like the Donkeys!

              R.I.P. Darrent Williams 1-1-07


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                wow im shocked, idk why someone would do this. R.I.P Dwill


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                  Maybe it just happened to be random, whom knows, if not thatis is pretty freaking sick........This is just terrible


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                    The 80 yard interception return against the Raiders last season has to rate as one of his most memorable moments, the longest INT return my a rookie in team history.

                    He took some stick this season, but in his rookie season his feisty attitude and enthusiasm for the game really impressed me.

                    He might have been small in stature but he played like he was six foot tall and with the heart of a lion.


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                      I would be lying if I said I've never been upset with Darrents play. Heck, all of us have at some point. But we tend to forget that he had one of the hardest assignments in the league, in playing opposite of Champ Baily. He took on this assignment head on without flinching or showing fear. He did come off as cocky at times, but that was who he was. He showed a lot of confidence and poise in facing one of the most daunting tasks for a corner, knowing the ball was going to come his way almost every passing down.

                      He was a true warrior.

                      Rest in Peace D-Will, you will be missed.
                      ‘’It’s very easy to take snaps: Just open your hands and wait for the ball, and then you close your hands.'’

                      – Chicago area fifth-grader Jimmy Smolik, age 10, providing some advice to Rex Grossman


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                        It seems so strange that then niners came out there and paid tribute to a guy that we lost the last time we played each other, and now this.

                        Puts a game of football into perspective very quickly.

                        Condolences to the Bronco organisation and Darrent's family and friends on a very sad day.


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                          My thoughts and prayers go out to his mum Rosalind Williams. She can be very proud of her son's achievements.


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                            R.I.P. young man may your family find solice some way. My heart breaks for them and it really puts football back in prospective.
                            Broncos fan since 1975

                            R.I.P. Darrent Williams you will surely be missed


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                              OMG, here I am thinking this is another thread about us getting knocked out of the playoffs, but this is just horrible.


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                                Thoughts and prayers are with the family and team.

                                Just awful. I'm so, so sorry for your loss and ours. There are no guns where he is now, and it's always Super Bowl Sunday. RIP, D-Will.
                                SIGN RANDALL GODFREY FOR SLB AND BACKUP MLB NOW!!!