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Darrent Williams Appreciation thread!

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    Originally posted by stickyicky420
    Im Sorry Emotions Got The Best Of Me
    Understandable. We're all very upset considering everything that's happened within this last day.


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      I've been crying for over an hour now. This is so senseless he was so young. He was such a bright and talented person and player. That smile he had could just light up a room. I'm just sick over this whole thing. My sympathy goes out to his family and friends.


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        This tragic loss certainly puts things in perspective for fans of all NFL teams.

        Deepest sympathies to Darrent's family, the Denver Broncos and their fans.

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          It doesn't matter who started, one of you just end it.

          Who cares if he's an attention *****? (even though he's not)

          Nobody is looking at who starts these threads, everyone is looking at the headlines and sending their condolences.

          Thinking this is about "attention" is a completely petty thing, and either way, both of you need to calm down.

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            Originally posted by ChrisKamanowns
            wow calm down man you think it's right to come onto these boards on a day like this and start telling ppl to go to hell and suckin their dad's **** wow dude seriously both of u should show a little maturity andf the mods need to delete this thread\\

            RIP DARRENT
            I agree, but he has apologised.

            It may not be a bad idea if everyone who's made heated emotional comments in this thread just hit the delete button on those individual posts.


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              some more info

              not much, but

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                Yea im upset about the Death of Darrent and i go to this thread and see ppl Flaming other board members to the Top degree!

                i think EVERYONE should get thier own thread for this if they wanted!

                i dont think we should Merge threads or anything

                this is a HUGE HEADLINE!


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                  Originally posted by lord_helmet
                  Makes me stop a moment to again think about the insanity of American gun laws, its way too easy to get hold of a firearm.

                  I bet the gun wasn't even legal.
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                    Emotions do get the best of us.

                    Good luck. Don't want to see anyone get in trouble for making a mistake due to emotions.

                    Good man sticky
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                    • Unlike alot of people on these boards.....I thought Darrent Williams was an INCREDIBLE player.....

                      just looked bad because of no pressure from the d-line.....

                      that punt return he had against SD (the one called back) was special.....

                      his PICKS FOR SIX.....were always amazing.....

                      and most importantly.....he had guts to play next to the best corner in the league (maybe NFL history).....he kept his job.....made tackles....played well.....

                      RIP Darrent....
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                      • how do u guys feel about ripping darrent now?

                        I didnt even really do it all that much and i feel horrible

                        Is there anyway we can get Darrent Williams jerseys to honor him?

                        RIP Darrent It's been one year, Gone but never Forgotten.

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                        • I've been a Raiders fan for almost 30 years,and even though we're adversaries on the field, I'd like to offer my condolences to you Broncos fans for this sad,sad tragic loss.Darrent was a hell of a heart goes out to his family and friends.

                          R.I.P. Darrent.


                          • Darrent

                            i think im going to buy a darrent williams jersey today


                            • Originally posted by CHARLIEADAMSFAN
                              how do u guys feel about ripping darrent now?

                              I didnt even really do it all that much and i feel horrible

                              Is there anyway we can get Darrent Williams jerseys to honor him?
                              I agree!
                              i didnt bash him a whole lot!
                              i always liked Darrent!
                              but when he messed up i was on him!
                              now i feel HORRIBLE!


                              • Originally posted by stickyicky420
                                i think im going to buy a darrent williams jersey today
                                Yea i really feel like buying one and wearing it to EVERY GAME NOW!

                                such a horrible day for me!
                                my worst in ages!

                                i think im heading to bed!
                                Nite all!