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  • tribute to d will

    what are your stories of him broncoholics?

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    A player who showed a lot of heart and was entertaining to watch.

    There are a few posts of appreciation in this thread:


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      I never bashed him, never. I know everyone is going to flood these boards and say the same thing, but we all know we you are. I realized his build may not have been as good as most starting CB's, but I was behind him. I saw this guy in college against the Buffs and in the pros with the Broncos. He sparked some big plays in his time. My favorite was the punt return last year which was taken away because of the penalty. I had a closeup of him as my wallpaper of him during that play. I'm still in shock from the news, I hope that find that f**ker and take his ass out.

      RIP DWILL.

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        my favorite was the youthful excerberence he had everytime he came off the field after making a play


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          This was said about him:

          On CB Darrent Williams being an elite cornerback

          "I think he is an elite cornerback. I felt that last year, even though he was a rookie. A lot of people have stayed away from Champ and tend to go towards Darrent. He’s been very consistent for us. He has a lot of confidence, a lot of ability. He will be one of the top corners in the National Football League for years to come.”

          He will truly be missed
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            I remember reading about posters who were able to talk and joke around with Darrent on myspace. I always thought that it was nice of him to make sure to keep in touch with his fans.


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              Darrent Brought life to this team

              Darrent Williams brought life to this team, a team with alot of big time veterans, some veterans that at times seemd like they didnt want to be here.
              Darrent was a kid that we drafted and from day 1 he was alway happy, he never complained or seemed to feel down, he was completely happy here in Denver.

              He was completely happy to be here in Denver, he was outspoken and just reeling on the fact that he was here, playing with Champ Bailey, Al Wilson and etc.

              But even with those big names, he did have something more than they have, he had a heart five times bigger than most of the guys on the field.
              Being with these guys excited him, everything was a challenge, and he took it all head on.
              He brought a spirit that team lacked spirit, he alway had these guys on thier toes. One really good example of this can be seen from just last nights game right after Champs INT TD, Darrent went wild and let his excitement run wild for Champ, he seemed more excited for Champ than Champ himself did.

              He had the school boy spirit playing big among giants, the kid among the bunch and now he has been taken from us.

              I know this might not have a place in here right now but let me just say that Denver police on working around the clock on this to bring the person responsible to justice.
              I live very close to where this happend, police are on the street right now looking for clues and interviewing ppl who might have been on the scene.

              He was and always will be a Denver Bronco but more than that e was a human being, he was a father.
              The person or persons responsible didnt only leave this town broken but they left his family without a son, without a husband, without a father.

              I sincerly hope they find the ppl responsible as soon as possible.

              Ps. I last saw Darrent last night on news 4 at 6:30 pm in a locker room interview giving props to Champ for the defensive player of the year award but more than that he was expsressing his concern for Champ Bailey leaving the facillity very unhappy after the game.
              He was an all around great guy, very caring and full of love for his counter parts, also a 5 foot 8 underdog overachiever.
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                My Favorite DWill Memory

                "KEEP PICKIN ON ME!!" After the interception...Classic....RIP DWILL YOU'LL BE MISSED.

                "He's not a respectable guy right now, because you talk too much trash and do this and that, but you're really not a great player in this league right now.

                "You're surrounded by great players, but you're not a great player. I think he needs to understand where he stands in this league — where he stands on his team first and foremost."
                - Champ Bailey re Philip Rivers


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                  R.I.P. Darrent Williams.... One of my favorite times with D Will was last year in Oakland when he took a pic something like 80 yds to the house, and in his press conference afterwards, he said he knew that pass was coming b/c he saw it in tape, and for him to know when it was coming and how to jump it, that showed you that this guy was for real.. knowing those kinds of things that well as a rookie...

                  Darrent Williams-I'll miss you deeply
                  "It's better to die on your feet, than to live a lifetime on your knees." -Emiliano Zapata
                  R.I.P. D-Will & D-Nash R.I.P. Sean Taylor


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                    I remember him as a gritty undersized sparkplug for this team
                    He was a burst of energy and a positive and entertaining piece of the Broncos. I think he was well on his way to becoming a vocal leader for this team and he will be sorely missed.
                    I made a short video in honor of him
                    My first attempt at doing something like this...Hopefully it will help all of remember him in a positive and bright light
                    It can be found at
                    RIP D-Will


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                      Well this is not an actual story but i feel i should share it anyway....D-will was one of my favorite players on the broncos...last year i went to buffalo to watch broncos vs bills espn game...and that game darrent missed becuase he was injured......well in the 4 th quarter i went all the way over behind the broncos bench and ended up sitting 2 rows behind the broncos bench, after cheering a couple of players...i was looking for darrent becuase since he was injured maybe he would come over to me...but never saw him...i don't even think he made the flight to that game....

                      since i live in canada and buffalo is close and the fact that i live on my own, that was my only chance to see darrent and now i can never see him ever again

                      R.I.P D-WILL


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                        i remember the first time i met Darrent last year in San Diego i got a nice picture with him which i now framed!

                        and then after the game he stood out in the drizzling rain and signed most the autographs and took pictures with an Umbrella on!
                        class guy

                        i also remember in KC this year he was walking and gave a funny pose to my dads Camera so he good get a pic!

                        theres lots of memories about him!
                        those 2 are up there!

                        along with the game he wore the Fro!

                        i will never forget!