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  • I'm so sorry

    I am so sad and we all here all going to miss him greatly I would never in the world would have thought this would happen. This is a shock to me and every other Bronco fan out there and even to Cards fans and every fan in the NFL.

    I with his family the best of wishes and I hope the person who did this gets whats coming to him. He was a great player and helped the Broncos these pass two seasons. He was a young man and once again everybody is going to miss him greatly.

    Heres a final Bronco Salute to your family and were miss you D-Will!

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    Man, it all seems so senseless, doesn't it? R.I.P Darrent. In heaven the night clubs are jumping, and theres no pass interference. Godspeed.


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      The only thing I can think of right now is his son. I feel so bad that Darrent will not be there for the little boy he was so proud of.


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        I hope the person is caught and gets the chair I really want him to pay for what he did.....