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    I was up late last night, so I just recently was woken up by my mom who asked me if I was going to get up. I woke up and looked towards her and she told me, "Darrent Williams was shot and killed last night." Right then I was in disbelief and shock. I had just woken up and was trying to process what she'd told me. So I woke up and got up and got on the computer, checking the sports boards that I'm on. Well, as soon as I saw the official story, I started to cry, because like many of you here, feel connected with the team, even though I'd never met him personally, and it also hit me a second way in the fact that he was only a year older than me. I mean this is aweful, and it just doesn't make sense, to ANYONE, I'm sure.

    R.I.P. Darrent, My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.


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      It all started with a text message for me....

      My friend sent me a text saying "Darrent Williams got killed" knowing my friends i figured that it was a figure of speech and meant he had a bad game.

      Naturally i didnt believe it at first, i went downstairs straight to my TV and turned on ESPN, surely they would be ALL over it right? Nope.

      So i get the newspaper, and obviously i sat there, worrying.

      Turned it on ESPN News and in the smallest imaginable space in the bottom right corner there it was.

      I'll admit it, i cried. I couldnt believe it. I told my brother and he thought i was kidding, soon thereafter we sat there in shock.

      I got up, got in the shower, put my Darrent Williams jersey on that i got for Christmas last year, his rookie year, and here i am, it still hasnt totally sunk in shock


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        i woke up at like 12 pm eastern..went to bed @ 3:30 after coming home from a party. I woke up this usual..ate breakfast and turned TV on..ESPN already there and they are talking about Favre and at the bottom right it says "Darrent William killed" I was in shock..went online checked ESPN, NFL, message boards. Then I came here to mourn with you guys. As I made a thread , tears shedded down my face. I couldnt believe it..I've seen him as a player but I cant say I was a fan since he was a Bronco and im a Patriot but i felt hurt me. It felt like he was a friend of mine even though I never met him.


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          I am honestly in shock. I don't know how i am going to snap out of this.


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            Originally posted by TheWookieeBronco
            I am honestly in shock. I don't know how i am going to snap out of this.
            I was absolutely buzzing when I got home from Anfield, but this completely knocked the stuffing out of me
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              I tried to get onto the forums earlier, but for some reason, they kept lagging. I decided to go onto the homepage and go from there, but when I saw the 1982-2007 part on the screen I was thinking "This can't be good". Sure enough, I saw the news and I was shocked about it. My parents were just standing there with their mouths open when I showed them the page.


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                Is this real? I mean seriously, is this real? I can't believe this.

                I woke up late this morning, and came on the computer to start my latest college course. I decided to come to the forums first (like always) and much like Dean posted I though somebody made ridiculous thread to bash Darrent....

                And then I realized what happened, Darrent was really taken away from us. Like so many of you, I feel like I lost a friend. Bronco nation is in mourning, and it's going to be so hard to recover from this.

                I'm in complete shock and it still doesn't feel like this is real. I mean D-Will is the same age as me. Why was he taken away from us. It's so senseless and stupid. I hate this.


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                  on the espn bottom line it mentioned how Green and Mora had been fired and then it switched to college scores. I waited for about another five minutes for it to get to the nfl news, to see if i missed anything and then i saw it

                  R.I.P. D.Nash, D.Will


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                    I got on the computer about 1:00 pm and my homepage is and I saw the link: "Darrent Williams shot and killed after leaving nightclub" and I had to re-read it again to actually truly see what I was reading. I was not totally shocked right then and there though, it's weird. Now I am shocked and can't believe this has happened.


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                      I woke up and my dad told me at first I was in shock then I saw it on ESPN and I cried

                      R.I.P. Darrent Williams

                      R.I.P Darrent Williams

                      R.I.P Damien Nash


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                        Shock, sadness, anger, shock, sadness, anger....its just a never ending cycle right now.


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                          I saw it on D Williams 27 Sig when he sent me a pm this morning. I have been in sad a day long and I dont wanna play madden cause you know. I havent cried but I have been sad. I have been searching the news sites all day long looking for answers.


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                            I was checking on my fantasy football team because yesterday was my championship, and I was looking how my team did, and I happened to play Darrent, but I noticed it said NA next to him. I thought how could he be NA if the season is over, so I clicked on the news link, and it said he had been shot and killed. I was completely shocked, I thought there was no way it was possible.

                            RIP Darrent
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                              Naturally I was up kind of late last night because it was was New Year's Eve. And being a college student I don't have school again for 2 more weeks. I usually set the sleep timer on my TV when I'm getting tired so that it will shut itself off. For whatever reason when I fell asleep around 3AM last night, I hadn't done that. So I woke up right around 5AM I think and my TV was on channel 7. In my half-awake state I heard something about a shooting in Denver and then something about the Broncos. I shot up and the story was unfortunately over. My heart pounding, I frantically searched for the remote and flipped until I hit channel 9. Just as I got there, they were saying, "And yes, we just ahd it confirmed that it was in fact Darrent Williams who was killed."

                              I was absolutely in shock. The first thing that went through my head was, "No f***ing way!" Then as they continued to do the news, they did their normal sports segment, then kind of interrupted themselves and said, "You know, this really doesn't matter that much right now." So after they went over the details again and confrimed that Darrent was killed, I just burst into tears. I didn't know what to do with myself. I ended up not falling asleep again until 7AM. I think I got maybe 3-4 horus of sleep last night.
                              RIP #27 Darrent Williams

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                                At first all I heard was that he had been shot so I thought he would be okay, and then when I saw the news, it was complete shock for me. I cried a little bit, but I wasn't at home so I was shying away from letting my true emotions show. Once I got home I cried for about an hour, this is truly devastating.
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