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  • I want to express my shock and outrage at this tragedy. As a Charger fan I appreciated Darrent's fine play. His heart and courage belied his diminutive stature. I was looking forward to seeing him play many more years. I was heartened to see the many fine things said about his friendly nature, etc. He must have been a fun guy to be around. RIP from San Diego.


    • Hi,
      Of all the French fans of Darrent, sincere condolences to the family of Darrent and her friends.
      Each week end i watch the match of Broncos and I am really torn to have learned this tragic history.
      I loved Darrent, I love him and i'll love him all my life, it was a formidable player but also somebody of really healthy.
      Same if today it is not any more with "us", I know that he lookss at us, and read all our messages.
      Darrent nobody will replaced you, you will remain never has to engrave in our memories.
      The family "Broncos" is forever wounded. We will miss you all.
      Darrent you will be always my preferred player...
      Everyone will fight in your honor to continue has to make you live for what was your passion.
      In memory of Darrent
      Love Darrent Williams #27 for all my life


      • I'm still in shock at how someone like this could get taken, and it could happen to anyone. But with that little bit aside, I'm wanting to send my thought's and prayers out to Darrent's personal family and his team family. I've been a Bronco fan for as long as I can remember and am 33 now and I've been really down since hearing about what happened. Where I'm living now, we do get to see a few of the Bronco's games, but not as much as I would like, considering I'm in St Louis Rams Country. I am really down that I couldn't go to the game when they were in town to be able to have watched him play there, he impressed me when I saw him on TV and I'm sure it would have been even more if it was in person!
        "If Elway can win the Super Bowl, then I can win the Daytona 500." Dale Sr before the race in 1998 (taken from the book "3 The Dale Earnhardt Story")


        • R.I.P Darrent

          This is without a doubt the biggest tragedy in Denver Bronco history. Quite possibly the history of the NFL. Ever since Darrent Williams was drafted by Denver, he's always been one of my favorite players. He was a tremendous athlete and a class act. And there aren't many star players out there who's a real class act. If you're as big of a Bronco fan as I am, you were probably devastated with their loss to the 49ers. But when I awoke the next morning and heard about what happened to this great man, the last thing on my mind was the disappointment of Denver missing out on the playoffs. It's heartbreaking. Far more heartbreaking then their loss last Sunday. I held in my emotions for a week. Then I saw the memorial video and I just couldn't hold in my emotions anymore. The Denver Broncos have lost a great cornerback, a great athlete, but more importantly, a great man. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Williams' family and all of the Broncos players. Get 'em next year Denver!
          For Darrent.

          I only registered for this message board to post my thoughts on the unfortunate passing of Darrent Williams. Anyone here is more than welcome to email me or message me on myspace.

          Here's my email
          [email protected]

          And here's my Myspace address

          R.I.P Darrent Williams
          1982 - 2007


          • One last thing.
            Please. Never take down that memorial video.


            • Dee Will exchanges shoulder pads for angel wings

              Great sadness attends this tragic turn of events. Truely a man taken before his time. Such talent and such potential. Clearly, he affected everyone around him in a positive and inspiring way. It is sad, as fans we really didn't get much of a chance to really know him as a man outside of the player. The people who have come forward to speak of him outside of the gridiron describe their loss and thus give expression and definition to all our loss. We always search for meaning even in events that have no purpose or meaning except wanton and blind destruction, I hope everyone will heed the advice of the players and Dee Will's mom and give him a lifetime honor and living life the way he did, in his short time with us... to not accept limits and barriers, to strive against adversity without reservation or hesitation, to say no to anyone or anything that would deny that which GOD has already worked in your being, your heart and your abilities. I really feel shellshocked and think alot about that song that says we really don't appreciate our blessings until they are gone... the best tribute we can give to Darrent is to count our blessings and strive to make them manifest each and every moment that we have been given. GOD Bless Darrent and his family. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.

              Rest in peace Dee Will and may the messengers of GOD carry you to Jesus' feet


              • D-Wills frohawk accompanied by an ear to ear grin will be etched in my memory for a long time....i guess hes the lucky one out of us though, he gets to be up in heaven playing football with tillman and stringer while we're all down here working our 9-5s


                • New Darrent Williams Blog

                  Please visit the new Darrent Williams blog and post your favorite memory. Thanks to all the bronco fans who have supported #27 and posted on the blog. I hope we get a lot more visitors.

                  For the fans of Denver Broncos Cornerback #27 Darrent Williams.


                  • my condolences to williams family since mexico you are not alone

                    my condolences to williams family since mexico you are not alone


                    • Do it for darrent

                      RING OF FAME

                      Let darrent fly high above mile high and sit with the legands.