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    My $0.02...

    It's a horrible tragedy that happened on this day. I remember the Broncos-Colt game and how Peyton kept on throwing the ball on his side. Yeah, he got burnt alot, but he kept on trying and trying. He earned my respect as a player that day and every week afterwards I would make sure to watch his play and cheer him on. I found out about this from a complete stranger. He went to me and said "Hey, you're a Broncos Fan I see (seeing that I'm in New York, when you wear a Broncos Cap, people notice)." I said yeah, then he told me about what happened. I bowed my head and my eyes welled up automatically. After such a tough loss last evening against the 49'ers, it's terrible that this had to happen to a person with so much drive and potential to be something special not too far down the line. I feel absolutely horrid for his 2 children. They're going to grow up w/o a father. I feel bad for his immediate family: Having to deal with such a loss. I feel not just for him, but for the Denver Broncos organization, the people that loved him the most in his personal life, and of course, the fans that rooted for him this year. We will surely miss you...and I'm sorry that your life was cut short so senselessly.

    - Latin Proverb


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      Godspeed in their recovery to D-Will's family and to the players that were involved in this unspeakable tragedy. God Bless the Denver Broncos team, their familes and fans.


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        Ode to D-Will

        Darrent was a meteorite who shone bright Across the Bronco skies,
        where even now he resides and will forever in us abide…

        Two thousand seven began with the loss of twenty-seven,
        drafted this early morning into Heaven…
        We suffered and lost and together grew
        we’ll always remember that smile, that swagger & your hairdo.

        The greatest lesson of all which you taught was sports should bring only joy otherwise it is all for naught… And sorrow, O sorrow, is as real as these tears we cry for the loss of such a life…

        THank You Darrent for the two seasons of joy you helped bring into my life!

        I leave you with these words from the poet Aeschylus:

        “Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, until, in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom through the awful grace of God.”


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          I've been wanting to post my condolences all day, but had a hard time with connection issues to your board. No doubt it was due to everyone else wanting to do the same.

          R.I.P. Darrent Williams, You were a great player for the Bronco's, and the NFL. We all come together, as fans, and players from every team, in every sport, to honor you, and mourn your loss.


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            I feel like a horses pitute!!!

            I say this because I take this game way too seriously and I am only a supporter, a fan.

            I have been pushing for Darrent's demotion half the year and at a time like this when I am reminded life is more important, and that I am here to support any and all Broncos I feel horrible because he's gone and all I did was hate on him. For this I am ashamed and am truely sorry.

            To the Williams family: I can't imagine the sadness you all are feeling and I hope that some how the lord will help you all through this unexpected and untimely passing of Darrent. I will pray for him and I as a fan will never forget him.

            Rest In Peace Darrent Williams.


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              You will be greatly missed my brother


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                RIP Darrent Williams

                I am very saddened by the wake of events that have happened with the passing of Darrent Williams. Darrent should always be remembered for being a great defender, a great player, but a great person who lived his dreams in Broncos Country. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Darrent Williams, The players, coaches, staff, and fans of the Broncos, and Pat Bowlen and Mike Shanahan who are very devestated at this time. I also pray that justice will be served in divine mercy to whoever committed this act that taken away Darrent's life. Darrent did not deserve to die. May Darrent despite his life ended young enjoy the reward of the heavenly kingdom with all the angels and saints that he lived his life to the fullest.


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                  Giants fan on Darrent

                  Well, ok, I'm a Giants fan from NJ. We don't get to see too many Broncos games up here, so I didn't see Darrent play too many times, but I will say this. This guy was a great player, what I call a crowd silencer, much like Champ Bailey is. Throw at a reciever that he guarded & you'd get one of 3 results: an incomplete pass, an INT, possibly run back for a TD, or your receiver scowling at you back in the huddle screaming, "Man, don't throw to me when 27's covering me, he damn near knocked me into next week."
                  I'm praying for DW's family, friends, & teammates, I'd also like to say that I hope Colorado has the death penalty, for when they catch his murderer, I pray he/she will die, as killing another person is the most heinous thing one can do to another human being.
                  In closing, I'll say that the Broncos ought to wear a 27 sticker on their uni's & helmets next year (& if any Broncos go to the Pro Bowl this year, they ought to wear it on their all star uni's too). Also I'd petition the NFL to get him in the Hall of Fame somehow, perhaps just as a player whose play outshone the rest briefly & whose career came to an end via his untimely death. Maybe they could put a special exhibit for him & other excellent players who just died too young (I'm thinking guys like Derrick Thomas here)... RIP 27!!
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                    My thoughts and condollances go out to Darrent Williams' friends, family, fans, and teammates.

                    My best to all.

                    R.I.P Darrent Williams

                    Tracker - Bleeding Red and Gold till the day I die.


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                      Heaven has a cornerback who hits like a truck!

                      Wow, what a sad, sad New Year for me. I could not catch my breath and couldn't believe my eyes when I read this today. I was hoping is was a mistake... I still am.

                      I remember when this kid showed up in a Bronco uniform last year wearing my beloved number 27. I was like, "who in the blue hell is this dude wearing Atwater's number?" Turned out he was the guy who would be starting along side one of the greatest NFL Cornerbacks of all time, Champ Bailey.

                      I cherish anybody in my life who's made me smile or cry... as a Bronco fan, Darrent did both! LOL And because of that, I'll never forget him. God Bless his family, the Bronco organization and fans, Oklahoma State University and anybody who Darrent made cheer, laugh or cry.

                      He was one of the most exciting players I've ever seen. If Denver was ever down by 6 with 5 seconds left, pending a kickoff from the other team, and DWill was back to return the kick... THERE'S STILL A CHANCE! And YOU all know what I'm talking about!!

                      I love the game of American Football. It helped me to forget my problems and the harshness that reality bears upon our lives daily. My Sundays are spent trying to forget about bills and broken relationships.... watching football.

                      Thank you Darrent for being part of that outlet and making me smile. You can pass me on the street and I would never know you, but you make me smile and I'll never forget you.. For those of my friends who have seen my smile.. I save it for those special ppl in my life.

                      God Bless Friends and see you in 2007. Keep smiling, people will never forget your smile.

                      God is building his team.. Andre Waters, Ironhead Heyward... and I'll never forget the tears I shed for Chief Derrick Thomas and Walter Payton.. Well Lord, you have a Cornerback, keep him safe and bless his smile that will live in our hearts forever.
                      God Bless Japan.....


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                        Rest In Peace Darrent Williams. My prayers are with the Williams family. Im soooooo sad. I hope they catch who ever did this. Its sad to see him go at such a young age. R.I.P. #27
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                          GoodBye Darrent

                          I've been a proud Bronco fan for 30 years and have been with you all during your ups and downs. It saddens me that a young man, great athlete, had to lose his life in a senseless manner. My heart, prayers and thoughts go out to his teammates, his friends and especially his family. I pray that they catch the person who did this and justice is swift and just.

                          RIP Darrent!

                          Becky Anderson
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                            yes the broncos show put # 27 on them heyments and jesery


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                              I was sick when I heard this awful news! It is still bothering me today. I am just bummed about football right now!

                              I am sorry for getting upset at you when teams threw at you!

                              Thanks for your hard work and picks!

                              I don't know what to say but that I am praying for your family.
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                              I work at Vanderbilt University

                              Where Jay Graduated!

                              I tell you I love Elway! He was my hero growing up. I loved the way he threw the ball with velocity! I love that in a QB. This is why I am a Cutlerfan!!


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                                a terrible loss... he will be missed by all and such a shock...

                                some of the best football on new years eve and then this... adios #27