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    My heartfelt condolences go out to the Williams family, the Bronco organization, the players, and the fans that Darrent touched with his personality and his heart.

    This was senseless.


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      Man O man I heard this and was shocked beyond belief. I am a very avid football fan and I follow a lot of things in football and this is one guy I targeted as being a class act and an all around pro bowl talent in a few years. This really sucks wrong place at the wrong time. Rest in Peace D. Williams you will be missed. Just wanted to share my thoughts.
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        My thoughts and Prayers

        As Fans, tragedies like this touch our lives. Someone we've grown to know and love on your favorite team can almost seem like the loss of a good friend. However, we must keep perspective. Were we feel the pain and lose of a sports figure, someone we have loved to watch and cheer on the field, Rosiland Williams has lost her son. The child she gave birth to, cared for, clothed, feed, and raised. His family members have lost family, his friends have lost their companion. We all have the right to morn the lose of Darrent Williams. Just keep in mind, as a fan, imagine your pain x 100. That's what his friends are feeling. Imagine your pain x 1000, that's what his family is feeling. And no one feels the lose of a son more than his mother. We can't even begin to imagine her pain.

        Darrent Williams, R.I.P., You were loved, and will be missed.

        Rosiland Williams, my heart goes out to you. No mother should ever have to feel so much pain. May God ease your soul and help you find peace.
        -Silver Dragon
        Silver Dragon Says


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          Terrible trajedy!

          I just wanted to get on here to let you all know how sad we are for your loss!!! My sincerest condolensces to the family and fans of Darrent.

          My Deepest Sympathy!


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            my thoughts and prayers go out to the whole
            broncos franchise, but mostly to his family. It has to be so hard for the
            players to go into the offseason losing such a close friend and very great
            player, like Darrent. I cant imagine what his family is going through, and what
            a terrible way for them to start their new year! I hope that they are able
            recover from this terrible tragedy, and look back and see all the lives that
            Darrent has touched. We will never forget you #27 and we will miss you terribly!

            Keegan ([email protected])


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              My childs memories

              This summer my child attended a summer camp w/Darrent,He left quite an impression on my kid. So New Years Day when we woke up and my child started crying because of the news of the loss,That was heart wrenching.darrent left memories that will always be with my boy.


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                  it is amazing how little respect they are giving to what Darrent brought to the league and the positive impact he made for the whole NFL...they spend more time on each of the two fired coaches than on someone who represented the new face of future NFL and was lost tragically. DW had heart...NFL is only about business which is too bad!


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                    From a longdistance fan

                    Having been a bronco fan since 1982 i have seen many players come and go. Many have touched peoples lives and the lives of the community in a positive way. And i believe Darrent was another one of those players.

                    I dont get to see many Bronco's games anymore since i moved to Washington state. But i have followed Darrent's career since he was first signed. And i knew he was going to be something special. From his first day at Dove valley to his last game as a Bronco, i saw a young man, who tried to excel at everything he did.

                    I saw a young man who wasn't hung up on fame and fortune, but had a love of the game, and his teammates. He will be sorely missed, not just on the field, but i believe the world is a lesser place without him.
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                      The loss of Darrent Williams is not only tragic for the Broncos, his family and the NFL, it’s tragic for everyone. It was another senseless act of violence that I pray will receive every ounce of attention from the Denver Police Department to catch the person(s) responsible and bring them to justice. I’m truly saddened for his family and children. They deserved to grow up with their father in their lives. Thank you to Darrent for all the joy you gave to everyone and I know God is cheering you in heaven.


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                        This hurts, I'm saddened and sickened. God rest his soul, and may God comfort those mourning his loss.


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                          The greatest #27

                          Darrent...Our hearts still ache in sadness and secret tears still flow..what it meant to lose you no 1 will ever kno...
                          You were not only a hero but also a legend , in our hearts u will always stay..may you rest in peace big guy...You were our Shinging light !! Love and prayers always..
                          A heart broken fan!!!


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                            Darrent played like a man twice his size and never backed down from anyone. R.I.P


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                              It was with great sadness that I woke up to the news reports yesterday morning. Darrent brought a lot of good to the Denver Broncos organization, as a player, but more importantly, everything about him exuded that he was a good person. He will be sorely missed. While the obvious lack of regard for human life sickens and saddens me, I only hope some good can come out of this senseless tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with the Denver Broncos and the Williams family. The entire city is grieving the loss of this bright young star.


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                                I extend my sympathies to the Williams family, the Denver Broncos organization and fans, and all of those whom this young man touched.

                                We join you in your mourning.......

                                A Bengals Fan in Cincinnati