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    I think that Nick said it best when he said that "If this city is a big heart, we are all bleeding right now." When you are a huge football or Broncos fan, it feels like we lost a friend, or even a brother. I'm really glad to see fans of all other teams come together and mourn the loss of a great player, and an all around good guy, and a life that cut short...He was destined to have great career, and be a future HOF. DW you will be greatly missed, and My thought go to his family, friends, and teammates.


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      A Good Man

      Over the summer I went to the Broncos camp and met Darrent Williams and I really looked up to him because in my opinion he was the leader ahead of the other guys on the team.


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        He will never be forgotten and if only we could trade in all those wins to get Darrent would be worth it! Now the loss to the 49ers and missing the playoffs isn't a big of deal. I was shocked when i found out the news...all i could do is gasp and say oh no and i still can't believe that this isn't a nightmare. You are missed greatly DW and Bronco Fans and fans around the league will never forget you! I hope who ever is at fault here is caught and realizes the pain they have caused to the bronco fans and DW family!


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          Just wanted to say THANKS to all of the other fans that have come here and mourned the loss of DW with us!


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            This loss really hurts and will continue for some time. Such a great personality and great player.


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              I would like to send my thoughts and prayers out to the Williams family.You will be forever in our hearts Darrent!
              undefinedundefinedRIP DARRENT!!WE WILL MISS YOU!!


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                I just want to start off by saying how deeply sorry I am for the Williams' entire family. I know that right now mere words could never heal your sadness but I sure hope it helps. I've been a Bronco fan since I was very little, around 6 years old and now I'm 16. I can say with full confidence that I've never seen a better CB tandem than Champ and Darrent. It sickens me that something so stupid and senseless took his life away at such a young age. I'm sure you know how much he meant to the entire Broncos Organization, and I know I'm going to miss him with all my heart and soul. He was an amazing athlete and although I didn't know him personally, I could tell by the way he presented himself on and off the field he was a very stand up young man and had a personality bigger than anyone could ever match. Once again I'm so sorry for your family and I hope that whoever did this gets what they deserve for taking Darrent away from us. Just know that all my prayers and thoughts go out to you and I'll never forget what he did for the Broncos team and family. His accomplishments will forever be in place and his smile never forgotten. RIP Darrent Williams.. we all love you and miss you with all our hearts and souls. We'll never forget!


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                  Darrent Williams was such a great, guy and he was always smiling and he really has become one of my favorite players. This is such a shocking tragic loss to the BroncoCountry. Now, not making the playoffs doesnt't even matter any more. When I saw Javon Walker step out of his car with his somber look, and all he has been through through the past couple days, I just had this empty feeling and i feel as though i have lost a brother. He was a great player and forever will be remembered! One last Mile High Solute DW! #27 You will be greatly missed!


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                    Even though I didn't know the man everything I've been reading about him, Is He was a stand Up man first football player second. I feel very sorry for his Family and friends I hope they take solice in the fact that he will be missed as the man he was first and a football player second. My prayers are with all of you


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                      Darrent Williams

                      This is such a terrible and senseless loss. He was an awesome player and will be missed. I just keep hoping to turn on the TV and they have arrested the person who did this.

                      I pray for his family, especially his kids. I also pray for all involved.


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                        Rest in Peace. I am so sad for this man's family. I have 2 kids of my own, being 24, born 15 days earlier than Darrent, it hit home. I couldn't imagine my kids growing up without their daddy. Such a tragedy. He was a talented young man, on and off of the field. I pray for his safe journey to the Kingdom, and I pray for his family. I pray that God brings to justice such a senseless crime.

                        To Darrent, I loved to watch you play. I defended your abiltiy to the end. I was so impressed with your ability to make plays happen at such a young age. I know you got picked on a lot at corner, but who wouldn't with Champ being the other man? You stepped up, and you deserve to be mentioned in the best along side others, such as Champ. From my Family to you, we love you. We will miss you. And please make sure that you save a seat at the Broncos couch up There for us. Rest in Peace.



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                          DW you will be missed !!

                          Hey all you guys,

                          im from Germany and follow the NFL from here. It saddens my heart to see such a fine young man and a tremendous football player be taken away by such ignorance even though I'm not a Bronco-Fan. I think in such a moment it doesn't matter what team you favour. It's just sad that the NFL lost a young talented player at the CB- position. My prayers are with his family and friends right now.

                          R.I.P. Darrent !

                          Berlin, Germany


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                            This is one of the saddest days in the NFL. RIP Darrent, you will be deeply missed by your family, friends and fans.

                            And to the fugitive that is responsible for this, I hope you can sleep well at night knowing that you took the life of a young man that had everything going for him. you took the life of a father of two young children. Sleep well you coward, you will be judged when your time comes.


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                              R.I.P Darrent Williams. you will never be forgotten. god bless the team and the rest of the mile high city

                              what i remember most about Darrent is that game where he intercepted a pass then ran down the sideline yelling "KEEP PICKING ON ME!". he was so excited and it showed the fire that burned inside of him.


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                                Hey all you Bronco fans,

                                Just a quick note from OregonChief.

                                Sorry for your loss, it is tough to lose a player, especially like this.

                                See you on the gridiron.