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    Just wanted to send my condolences to the Williams family, the Denver Broncos, and to all Bronco fans. Such a tragic loss. My heart and prayers go out to all. I am still having a rough time trying to grasp what has happened. If I could just take the pain away, I would, but this is not a dream. WHY did this have to happen to such a wonderful person? Only GOD knows why. His children are now going to go through very difficult times, let alone his mom, and the mother of his children. I am SO sorry. You are going to be dearly missed DW!!!!! May you Rest in Peace!!!!!!! :usa:

    Donna G.
    Longmont, CO
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      The actual email for memories to family is, [email protected]


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        I wanted to let the family, friends and teammates of this wonderful man know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. May God Bless and bring peace to Darrents children and family during this difficult time. We will miss seeing him on the field. Rest in Peace Darrent.


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          from a Steelers Fan

          My thoughts are with the Williams and Bronco family fans and organization alike for this senseless killing a a fine, fine young man. Just know that Steeler Nations thoughts and prayers are with you in this time.

          Riverside, CA


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            Such a senseless crime has taken such a great man away. My heart goes out to all his family and friends. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


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              When I first heard the news I just couldn't believe it. It really hurt me not only as a fan of the great sport of football, but also as a caring human being. Darrent Williams was too young to die. My condolences go out to the Williams family & friends, the Broncos' orginization, and every Bronco fan. i hope we as a people can learn from this tragedy so that we may better ourselves and those around us. ONE LOVE.


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                Not about football...

                I was still reeling from our season ending loss to the resurgent 49'ers when I read the headlines. I guess things get put in perspective weather we like it or not. While the Broncos organization has the next 8 months to regroup, they are going to have to deal with the loss of a teammate today.

                Forget about the fumbles, interceptions, dropped passes, and miss-thrown balls.
                Jay or Jake, Tatum or Mike. Yesterday we lost one of our own and it hurts. The battle on the field is won or lost with preparation and execution, the battle of life is very similar. One minute we are on the battlefield and the next our loved ones are making funeral arrangements.

                We are all going to die, but when, how? What will we leave as our legacy? Did Darrent know yesterday was his last game? None of us know that today might be our last, so let’s take a lesson from our football warriors. They go out each game and “play” like this is the last time they may take the field. Do we give 100% each day? Do we treat each day of this precious life like it is our last? We have the opportunity to look back and learn from yesterday. Did I do everything to better myself and those who love me and depend on me? My one and only resolution this year is simple to say, tough to prepare for and at times very hard to execute. Live each day like it may be my last. Darrent Williams just taught us that it may very well be.


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                  i remember sitting in invesco statuim at the home opener of the 2005 season against the chargers. it was an intense game with a lackluster first half. fortunetly the second half brought some excitment and a big win. the one thing that keeps skipping through my head was when Derrant had that big punt return for a TD, only to be called back because of a penalty for a sideling player stepping on to the field. anyhow, my little brother said to me, "who is number 27?". i looked at him like, are you a retard man, "its our next big stud Derrant Williams." "you know, our second round draft pic that shanny has been paising for the last two months." then my brother said to me, " damn, he looks amazing, i hope he keeps this up."

                  yeah, its kind of corny i know, but it keeps goin through my head. i would have never imagined this happening to one of the players that i cheer for. i guess that is why i almost feel like i have lost someone i know, although i did'nt know him at all. maybe that is why we all grieve over this so much. that and the fact that a person of such caracter, that was in a position to make a difference has been takin way too soon. anyhow, just a thought that i wanted to share.

                  Derrant, we will miss you and we will surely never forget you and what you have meant to our team and to the comunities in which you have made a difference in.

                  Dennis Smith/ my all-time favorite Denver Bronco.

                  props to Snk16 for the sig!


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                    D. Will you will be missed greatly brother!! I just hope you are in a better place, if you get a chance visit my Dad and Grandpa while your up there they are major bronco fans. Javon, I hope you get through this tough time, that goes for the rest of the guys too, but I know Javon was there when it happened so I'm sure he's having a hell of a time dealing with this. Same goes for the fans, this is unbelievable. I fell robbed, D Will you were the best brother!!

                    What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger


                    • Still tears.......

                      Thank you for everything Darrent. I'll never forget #27.


                      • The thoughts of Denver not making it to the playoffs are quickly washed away by this tragedy. The prospect of a new season now sits on the back burner as we remember a player, short in stature by NFL standards but bigger in heart than much of the NFL - Darrent Williams embodied what Bronco fans look to when trying to form what the organization means to us...Heart. His achievements on and off the field are what much of professional sports have been missed for many a year, dedication to the team and to the community - the NFL has lost one of what is truly great in the world of sports. With a competitive attitude and a caring heart we look back at what can only be seen as not only a carreer cut short but a great soul in this world sent to God too soon. To the Bronco family, the players, the families and to everyone who has ever seen him play or met him in passing, I send my deepest condolences.


                        • My condolences go out to all Darrent's family, friends and Broncos fans.

                          Regardless of the teams we all support, this is a heartfelt loss for all NFL fans.

                          RIP Darrent.

                          (Leeds, England)


                          • Sad

                            im not a broncos fan but i have to say when i read that darrent williams had been killed a lump struck my throat. i think its sick and horrible someone would kill another life - especially one of which was soo young and had soo much ahead of them. i want to express my condolences to the family n friends of darrent williams, the team on which he played, the fans in which he touched - i want to send more out to the WR Javon Walker who had to hold darrent in his arms as he passed away.
                            I Hope that Darrent williams may rest in peace - and that everyone he touched will remember him for the good times - rather than how he died. i pray that this never ever happens to anyone again - be they celebs, sports personnel or even normal everyday people - for it is sick and unhumane to take another life

                            Craig - London UK

                            R.I.P Darrent Williams 27
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                            • I have been a major bronco fan for years. I was at the season opener for the 2005 season standing behind the bronco bench in the stands when Darrent came out onto the field, a kid next to me asked for his autograph and he happily obliged signing his program. The kid was ecstatic. Darrent walked over to the bronco bench and sat down and then turned around and smiled at the people in the stands. That smile I will remember forever and Darrent will always be in my heart and remembered in my prayers. My deepest sympathy goes out to his family and the enitire Bronco organization, I feel like I lost a member of my own family. He will always soar upon the wings of an eagle.


                              Joanne T.
                              Lakewood, CO
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                              • Such a Loss

                                May DW RIP. You will be sadly missed and my thoughts and prayers go to the Williams family, the Bronco team, and all of us fans. So sad. Still numb from the news. Cannot believe it.