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  • I was never a Broncos fan, but i loved watching Darrent Williams play. I always knew he would establish himself as a great corner in the NFL. My deepest sympathy goes out to his family, teammates, coaches, and those who knew him best.


    • I'm a long time Raiders fan but all rivalries aside, I would like to offer my sincere condolences to the Broncos organization and the Williams family.

      What a tragedy and waste of a special young man's life.


      • Senseless...An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

        Everyone raise a glass or a beer bottle to celebrate the life of Darrent Williams to kick off the playoffs this weekend. You will be missed.


        • I sent this poem I wrote to the Broncos and the Williams family to offer my condolences along with the prayers and thoughts of my family to them. I wanted to share it with you as well.

          "Heaven Has Another Angel"

          Twenty-four years is all we had.
          Two small children lost their dad.

          A city mourns, while the NFL cries.
          A senseless act, a young man dies.

          Full of heart, dedication, and a strong will.
          The city of Denver and the entire state of Colorado comes to a stand still.

          5'8 he stood, his number twenty-seven.
          Now he's in a better place up in heaven.

          Even though his physical life was taken away from him,
          his inner light they will NEVER be able to dim.

          He and I were strangers, he didn't know me.
          He was loved and will be missed, he was apart of our Broncos family.

          Now he watches over us, his spirit more than a mile high.
          We didn't want you to go Darrent, it's far too soon to say goodbye.

          Our sadness is overwhelming and we want to scream, we want to yell.
          We know in our hearts that now heaven has another angel.

          Written by Sharon Harclerode
          On January 2, 2007
          In memory of Darrent Williams


          • To the Williams Family, I wish to send my heartfelt condolences and tell the my prayers are with you at this time. May God be with.
            If God isn't a Broncos fan then why are sunsets blue and orange?


            • Rip

              What a sad waste of a life. My heartfelt condolences to Darrent's family and friends and the entire Broncos organisation. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Such a promising young life cut short. This cannot continue.
              FEAR THE D!


              • I want to send my condolences to the Williams family, the Denver Broncos and to all my fellow Broncos fans during these times. It has been an emotional few days since learning the news of Darrent's passing but he is in a better place and I know he is making heaven a happier place.


                • My condolences to Darrent Williams family, friends & the Broncos. Thinking of you at this time


                  Northumberland, England


                  • Charger fan here

                    My heart really goes out to the Williams family & the Broncos organization. I re-watched both Charger-Bronco games on TiVo & it was difficult. Seeing DWill all over the field making plays just a few weeks ago & now he is no longer with us is just baffling. I got a lump in my throat every time I saw #27 on the screen.

                    I will always remember Williams for that ridiculous haircut he had for a little while. Kind of a cross between a Mohawk & corn rows. I laughed so hard when I saw it. My two comments were, either he lost a bet or he has some big balls. That is the kind of thing that shows his fun loving spirit.

                    It will be a long time before a New Year's goes by that I won't say a prayer for you DWill.


                    • That certain swagger, that mile-wide smile. We'll never never forget you, Little Big Man.
                      Life, for me, has been an ongoing education. When Graduation Day arrives, my diploma will be my death certificate.


                      • Darrent Williams a BroncoForever!!!!

                        God this is tough!!!
                        Im a Denver Broncos fan in Tennessee!
                        What do you say about a player who had such a bright future!!!!! I
                        just found out today that we share the same birthday, he is 9-27-82 i
                        am 9-27-79, i knew there was more then just one reason he was one of
                        my favorites on defense! The main thing i loved about Darrent was his
                        I CAN DO ANYTHING attitude, but yet that smile and love for life
                        showed you he is humble and always remembered where he came from!!!
                        This a SENSELESS and STUPID TRAGEDY and i wonder why it happened, and i
                        hope and pray that the guilty will be brought to justice so that
                        Darrents family can have closure if that is at all possible!! My
                        prayers go out to DARRENTS FAMILY, Coach Shanahan, Mr. Bowlen, The
                        Broncos Team....
                        DARRENT WILLIAMS, The Little MAN with the HEART of a LION!!!
                        R.I.P. #27 you will missed deeply and remembered as a BRONCO FOREVER!!!!


                        • It with great remorse that I write this post but I wanted to send out my prayers to the William and Bronoc Family. He was a great player that made an immediate impact not only on the field but in his everyday life as you can see from all the response being sent from everyone. My heart goes out to his family.


                          • God Must Have Needed A Great Cornerback!

                            D Will is playing in Heaven now on Gods team, Play on #27! We will never forget you


                            • Darrent Williams

                              yeppers...when you said play
                              I thought a guitar...naturally...


                              Darrent has
                              Psalm 27
                              The First Apistle of John - 1 John 1

                              and a football....

                              at the stadium
                              more than a Mile High.....



                              • Bronco from finland.

                                All i want to say is that:
                                God Bless the Williams Family! And God Bless the Denver Broncos Organization and the whole Bronco family! And sorry about my english if it´s not correct,but my native languge is not english. I wish I could be there.

                                -Finnish bronco4life