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From a Bills fan in Buffalo to all you folks in Denver

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  • From a Bills fan in Buffalo to all you folks in Denver

    Just like to begin with my condolonces to the friends and family of Darrent Williams. These type of surprise tragedies are devastating; God knows you are just in a state of shock right now, and I hope you can all find closure. And may Williams rest in peace as a nother victim of senseless violence.

    It seems trite to discuss football right now, but we're all football fans, and that's why I'm on this board in the first place. I REALLY feel for all you Broncos fans after what has happened this weekend. You guys were feeling pretty good on Saturday, and a Cheifs win seemed like it would just be extra motivation. BUt nothing seems to be going right for the entire city of Denver this week. First Cutler takes a hard (albeit clean) shot in the head and never seemed comfortable in the pocket. Then you have a rule-loophole turnover on Tatum Bell's fumble which may have cost you a playoff berth. Then the 49ers grind out a tough OT win over a superior team.

    Missing the playoffs in that fashion really hurts, but then you have the Williams tragedy acting as salt in a fresh wound. As a resident of Buffalo, N.Y. I know how the prevailing mood of a city can rise and fall with the success or failure of professional sports teams. And while having a playoff seed snatched away from the city of Denver in the waning minutes of 2006 can be a real downer, it pales in comparison to what happened this morning. Darrent Williams, from what it seemed, was a good guy and I know from watching him that he was becoming a very good cornerback. He was only 24 and had a long, successful career in front of him. From a personal standpoint (and I'm sure many of you can relate), I know what it's like to lose a friend too young, and it's not an easy thing to move beyond. Nothing is going to seem right in Denver for a few weeks. This is the type of thing that can leave a cloud of doom and gloom hanging over a city for a while, and I just hope you're all able to cope and find closure.

    I know I'll be pulling for Denver and the Broncos in the future. God bless you all!

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    I haven't been a fan for long myself, nor am I from the Denver area but I sure feel the brunt of this loss. This has to be one of the lowest points in Broncos history. Not making the playoffs was sad, but it pales into insignificance compared to the devastating loss that occured in the early hours of the morning. We appreciate you stopping by to express your condolences. Best wishes to the Bills next season.