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Condolences from a San Fran 49ers fan

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    Thanks Everyone!...

    Thank you all for the kind words and support!... I have to go to work today, and I just don't want too. Still very sad!

    Just Sunday me and my husband were going at it.. head to head..See he is a 49er fan and I am a huge bronco fan. I was so upset for the loss and in a bad mood most of new years eve. But yesterday's news about darrent changed everything. That game was indeed just a game.. Darrent's loss is all that matters now. We will miss you like crazy #27. You were one of my Favs. Sundays will not be the same without you. On behalf of all fans..You will not be forgotten!! Rest in Peace D Will.


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      Thanks all you other fans thats stand up.


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        Much Thanks

        Thank you very much for the kinds words and condolences. In the end we're all brothers, it took something like this for me to realize that. Thanks again


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          deepest sympathy

          I am 9er fan from salt lake city and had gone to the game in denver on sunday night. When I woke up in my hotel room on monday morning and saw the news I was stunned. I had my mom with me who is a die hard bronco fan and she started to cry. I cried along with her remembering the game. Not that my niners one, but of how hard Darrent Williams played. Of all the pictures we got of him and how the last time the niners where in Denver we lost one of our own. To all the Bronco fans my deepest sympathy. To Darrent Williams family and the bronco organzation you are all in my thoughts and prayers. That game will now be remember to me the last game I got to see Williams play is heart out. Love to all Bronco fans. He was a great player and wonderful man.