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    I thought it was real nice for other fans around the NFL to come to our site and show some class, I have not seen anything negative yet, but I am sure there is some. It is amazing that we complain about the smallest things about QB's and such, but when it comes to this type of thing how many people come together. Again I would like to say thanks as a Bronco fan for the other fans outside of the Broncos that put their differences aside and send their positive thoughts.
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      having lost a member of our org. this year i know how hard it can be. but to lose such a talented, young player to something so truly is a tragedy. i'm am so sorry broncos fans and the Williams family. i hope these criminals are caught and taken off the street, never to return.


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        Not only a big thanks for the support shown in posts from opposing fans, but to put D. Will in their avatar showed a lot of class and sportsmanship as well.


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          us at vikings land share our gratitude & prayers while at the same time we know how you guys feel cuz we dont, but Ive always liked D-will and I give you guys our deepest thoughts and prairs.

          I can picture it clearly though, Him dying in Javon lap in the white Limo.
          Prairs go out to D-will and all of you Bronc fans from Vike land.


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            Yes. Thank you to fans of every team that have expressed sympathy for the Broncos and their fans loss. It's much apreciated.


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              Thank you all, Bronco Fans and non for comming by and posting. It means a lot.

              Thank you for everything Darrent. I'll never forget #27.


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                I agree.............

                It is kind of a shame, many times it takes a tragedy though, to bring people together, and to bring out the "kindness and caring" in people.....whether it be ones family, or "strangers', coming together on a sports team message board...............something for all of us to think about, in my opinion....
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                  it's my honor to leave my condolences on the broncos message board. D. Will was a small man, but as a charger fan i was scared to see the chargers throw the ball to either side. Great competitor. i hope we all get more answers soon.


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                    I'm not going to start a new thread for something that everyone already knows. A football player, a human being, a mother's child, a Denver Bronco was taken far to early in life.
                    I have known the loss of a family member too, as many have and it never gets easier, but the memory's will help to ease the pain a bit.
                    My thoughts and prayers to the Williams family, The Bronco's, and her fans.

                    Never forget the good memories of Darrent Williams

                    Peace be with all of you in your time of need.

                    Prayers from the east coast.
                    Philadelphia Eagles fan
                    RIP Darrent Williams


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                      RIP Darrent Williams

                      On behalf of everyone at, I would like to extend my condolences to the Williams family and all Broncos fans.


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                        I was merely in shock until I came to the boards last night. Then I saw all the outpouring of support from the fans of other teams and that's when the grief finally set in. It's a tragedy what happened to Darrent, but it's a beautiful thing to see the banners dropped and the camaraderie among fans across the league.

                        Thank you all!!!

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                          Originally posted by Astrass
                          Thank you all, Bronco Fans and non for comming by and posting. It means a lot.

                          The Broncos are a classy organization and their fans reflect that class. If this tragedy happened to another player on another team I am sure Broncos fans would have been first in line offering their condolences.

                          Peace and good will to all.

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                            hes gone but not forgotten...

                            number 27 will always be remember and rightfully so.... he was gem...

                            lol he was picked on by Manning and many other QB's when they got to scared to chuck it Champs way but he lapped it up and got a fair few INT's in the process...

                            such a shame we will never see number 27 jump for the ball again...


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                              Condolences to his family, friends, and fans.


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                                Yeah guys we really appreciate it and I guarantee the Williams' appreciate it.
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