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A Thank You to all our visitors

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  • A Thank You to all our visitors

    Like so many others here, I've been completely struck by the tragic news of what happened earlier today. Seems like my perspective on a many number of things has been completely flipped.

    I just wanted to make a thread to all of the posts I see from members with just a few posts... coming from all around the league, or Broncos fans who hadn't been to the boards before. The outpouring of grief is overwhelming.

    On behalf of Broncomania and the Moderator staff, thank you all.
    Thanks, Reid!
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    Indeed, you really impressed me and we all appreciate the condolences.

    Darrent would have been proud.

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      I was thinking the same thing. Thanks to all of you.


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        I couldn't agree more.

        I am so impressed with rival fans, and non rival fans coming on here and wishing their condolences.

        I am also glad that all of the smack talk and bashing could take a back seat today and the board and guests can all talk together, laugh together, and even some cry together.


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          Its really nice to see everyone uniting in the midst of what I can only call a tragedy.
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            hey man we come here to mourn with you. not an easy thing to deal with and many wanted to help you overcome such a tragedy. some of us were big fans of darrent..others just because he was a great person and player but the main thing is were all here together expressing our feelings. lets pray for non of these types of tragedies to ever occur not only in the NFL but in the world. I know its life but its preventable if these thugs get a brain and realize what kind of damage they do to society


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              Broncos fans from all over the world coming here to post and many many fans of opposing fans who have registered just to pay tribute to Darrent Williams, we all appreciate your support and condolences very much, and should any of Darrent's family and friends ever venture on to this board I'm sure it will mean a lot to them to see how much people cared.


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                I tottaly agree and would also like to thank the mods for their hard work on this


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                  I am really impressed with the fans around the league who have shown support for Darrent's family, team and fans.

                  Big Mile High Salute to all.


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                    Nice Job on all the Work you guys are putting towards remembering #27. He will Allways be in our bronco hearts!
                    Darrent Williams :: 1982-2007 R.I.P


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                      I'd also like to thank everyone.

                      This is a very big message board, but today we had nearly 3 times more users on at one point than we've ever had on this board at one point before.

                      Everyone on here to mourn the loss of D-Wil, coming from another team deserves a thank you.

                      It means a lot to know that people do care, and they put football aside to realize just how tragic this is.



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                        I'd like to thank them, as well. Means a lot to see how much support has been spread around today. Goes to show that it's not just a Bronco loss, it's a loss on a world scale.
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                          The Broncos board is a safe haven to express the grief of the entire Broncos Country. It is refreshing to see so many fans of other NFL teams expressing their condolences. Thank you for your kind words. We wish it was under different circumstances. If any of D-Will's friends and/or family visit this site I hope they know how much he meant to the Broncos fans, the city of Denver and NFL fans everywhere.

                          Thank you D-Will, may you rest in peace.
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                            Thank you to all the people showing their support for Darrent, his family, the Broncos players and fans. Sometimes the support has been overwhelming to me just trying to keep up with all the people coming and what they have to say.

                            There are two kinds of teams in the AFCW; The losers and the Broncos!!!

                            I Support our Troops!
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                              My thoughts and prayers go out to the whole
                              broncos franchise, but mostly to his family. It has to be so hard for the
                              players to go into the offseason losing such a close friend and very great
                              player, like Darrent. I cant imagine what his family is going through, and what
                              a terrible way for them to start their new year! I hope that they are able
                              recover from this terrible tragedy, and look back and see all the lives that
                              Darrent has touched. We will never forget you #27 and we will miss you terribly!

                              Keegan ([email protected])