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Nice article from someone who covered Darrent in college

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  • Nice article from someone who covered Darrent in college

    Darrent Williams: One Of My Favorite Cowboys
    Robert Allen Jan 1, 2007

    Darrent Williams was one of my all-time favorite Oklahoma State players to cover, but the reason he was is also one of the reasons that Darrent is now deceased. Williams was a "life of the party" guy. Wherever Darrent was something was happening. Usually it was exciting football, or off the field it was harmless fun. But tragically, in this case, it was something terribly bad.

    On the field he made things happen with his ability. Not very big, he had a huge heart, blazing speed, and electric moves. It was those sensational punt returns that Oklahoma State fans will always remember, and his spectacular plays on defense.

    Darrent Williams wasn't afraid to take on King Kong. He would be the first in line to tackle the biggest challenge. He joined his good friend Vernon Grant in playing fearless. Little guys aren't supposed to be that physical, but Darrent and Vernon were. Vernon was more the team player, while Darrent was the star. He wanted to be the star; the player everybody pointed at. He was still a great teammate that would give his teammates the shirt off his back.

    His attitude was infectious. You simply couldn't keep from smiling and laughing when Darrent was around.

    It was that attitude that often got Darrent into trouble. He ended his Oklahoma State career on the wrong side of then head coach Les Miles. Miles wasn't happy with Darrent's return or decision not to play again coming off an injury. Darrent wasn't afraid to take the coach on and, as happens, when you take on the coach the player lost.

    Off the field Darrent was a late night guy that always wanted to be around the action. He had been in trouble a few times with the Broncos staff for being out and about too much. He survived the streets of Fort Worth growing up in a rough area. Stillwater provided a fairly safe haven for him in college.

    The drive-by shooting that ended his life took place in the wee hours of Monday morning in Denver. I do not mean this as disrespectful to Darrent or his memory, but let Darrent's death be a lesson to others -- that there really isn't anything going on at that hour that is worth being out when incidents like this are more likely to take place.

    Granted it was New Year's Eve (Day), but after after midnight I really wish Darrent had taken the party home. I am in no way blaming Darrent. The victim isn't to blame in the drive-by violence that we now have to endure in our country. I just wish Darrent had gone home a little earlier because selfishly I still want him around.

    I want him here to see and laugh with, and to continue to be a member of the Oklahoma State football family, and here to continue to take on King Kong on Sundays in the NFL. Darrent Williams was so much fun.
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