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The Thought of A Bengal Fan On this Horrific Day

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  • The Thought of A Bengal Fan On this Horrific Day

    To all bronco fans ill be honest two weeks ago i was mad that yall beat us but that will all go away that wound will heal. Today was a normal day getting ready for work. My best friend is a Bronco fan and i saw it on espn news and the first this was like ur joking right i was kinda in disbeliefe because how could a kid this nice and full of heart be taken so young. so i called my friend and he couldnt talk. i went into work doning home made 27 black tape and orange sharpie it didnt look to good but hey it was the thought that counted. I was so upset that i didnt make it thought the first hour or so of work with out going to the back and just sit down because i work in a sport store and many people came into talk about it. We did actually sell some Darrent Authentic jerseys i kno that the jerseys wont bring him back but i beleve the thought counted. So from a Bengal fan who a few weeks ago was not really happy wit mr. williams i actually am gunna miss the heck out of this kid he had heart and did everything right. so i would like to say inclosing that my thoughts and prayer go to Darrent family, the bronco organization, and bronco fans.

    Ps If there is n e thing i can do with like the stickers or n e thing yall are trying to do ill buy a few and help the cause because this kid was take to DAMN early.

    thank you very much for Reading Bronco fans


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    I hope some people won't make Darrent Williams jerseys just for profit from this terrible time... but I and probably many others would like to buy one to remember him. I went to Foot Locker and Champs today and they didn't sell his jerseys.


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      the two we sold where sold to bronco fans and i honestly tryed to talk them out of it to give the money to his mother or his charity cuz it helps every dime but i couldnt talk them out of it so we had to do it even thought i didnt want to they insisted


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        Thanks Mike. Days like this can take the breath right out of you.