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  • Darrent my idol

    My name is Phil I am 16 years old and I live in Melbourne, Australia. In Australia not many people know of Darrent because no one really knows anything about gridiron. But i have grown to love it. Darrent was an inspiring figure to me i would honestly call him my idol. Early 2006 I wanted to join a gridiron team but i wasnt confident enough, but because of Darrent i gained the confidence to try out for the team. I am now a starting FS who also wears the number 27 non of this would've have happened if it wasnt for the inspiration i got from watching Darrent play.

    Thankyou for being a great idol but most of all a great person

    From Phil

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    Good luck to you, Phil and may you just enjoy the ride of playing football. I'm sure D. Will is smiling from above, knowing he has inspired you to go out and give it your all. He'd be proud.
    "I'm never going to lose to Denver, watch." - Colt McCoy (2010 NFL Draft)