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People need to stop with the disrespect

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  • People need to stop with the disrespect

    The people that are on here saying that it should have happened to other people or that he asked for it, should stop. This site is to pay repect and that is it. If you liked him as a player or not. He was a 24 year that died way to early. Even Raider/Chiefs fan are coming on here and showing lots of class.

    If you have any class in you at all you will stop.

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    I know this thing really sucks but we need to have positive threads here we don't need to stir up the jerks that like to say all the bad stuff on here so lets just let the mods do their thing to keep this a good site, and just report the bad posts to the mods, no need to reply to the jerks out there, that is what they want to see. So far I have not seen too many bad things on this site but have heard it on others so I don't even want to go to them. May the people that did this will be caught soon.
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      This is hardly the time for disrespect. Our team has experienced a great tragedy. A young man with a promising NFL future was cut down by filthy organisms with no impulse control. It is my hope that the perps of this crime are caught and FRIED !

      Broncomaniac PG
      Palo Alto Alto, Ca.