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Crappy New Year for Broncos family

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  • Crappy New Year for Broncos family

    With the two losses the Broncos have endured in the past few days (the 49ers fiasco) and the traggic loss of one of the beloved Broncos (Darrent Williams) 2007 has started off with a shed of tears and showering of emotion (#27) and a crash (49ers game)....

    The Broncos will bounce back from both losses and move forward like champions, showing the heart and professionalism that the best franchise in the world is known for....

    Unfortunately, a big part of the teams heart is looking down upon the franchise from up above....

    The Broncos are in good hands and Darrent will always be a part of the Broncos family!!!!

    Here's to a far better 2007 than what we have witnessed so far
    I owe CP's to: no one

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    well said, looking forward to a better year and yet mourning the loss of such a great player.
    H.D. Smith


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      Amen. I am blessed to be a Broncos fan, looking forward to the future.

      RIP DWill - You are loved and missed!


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        This one of the greatest organizations in all of sports, and while we endure these hard times, we must look forward to better times while carrying on the memory of those lost. Next season will be entirely dedicated to #27, and I hope this team can rally around their fallen teammate and friend as I know the fans will rally around them.